4 Dragon Kings ™ – Review, Bonuses, Free Spins, Free Play in Demo Mode

KA Gaming introduced 4 Dragon Kings, which is an online slot. Traditional reels and paylines are missing in this slot. Instead of the traditional spins, you have to shoot fish in order to win. It gives an Asian theme set underwater.

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4 Dragon Kings Slot Review

Dive into Chinese folklore with the KA Gaming’s 4 Dragon Kings slot! It is an innovative offer devoid of reels and paylines. All you have to do is load the cannon and shoot fish. If you catch special symbols, you can activate bonus features. That’s even original for a creative layout like in Jammin Jars slot. Here’s our full review of 4 Dragon Kings Slot for more information.

4 Dragon Kings ™ - Free Play in Demo Mode

Dive into the world of 4 Dragon Kings ™ and enjoy our exclusive Free Play in Demo mode. You can try this exciting slot without spending money to see how it works, explore its paylines, features and bonus rounds at no risk. Find your strategy in Demo mode, comprehend game mechanics and define a winning betting system for your future play. Unlock the excitement without spending a dime as you engage in Free Play, immersing yourself in the entertaining universe of 4 Dragon Kings ™.Discover the game's unique mechanics, visualize potential winning combinations, and master your gameplay strategy—all in a no-risk environment. Try your luck in Demo mode today and prepare for an exhilarating gaming experience when you're ready to make a splash with real wagers.


Dragon Kings of the Four Seas

In the past, it was believed that every direction of China has a sea, and in each of these seas, there is a dragon king: Ao Guang for East China Sea, Ao Run for West Qiinghai Lake, Ao Quin for South China Seas and Ao Shun for North Baikal. They have appeared not only in fiction but also in many other well-known writings such as Journey to the West.

When playing Asian- themed slots, you know that Chinese dragons are different from the fire breathing lizards found in Europe. As water and storm creatures, they have the power of weather manipulation. For that reason, the 4 Dragon Kings slot machine game is located under the sea with fishes all around it. Despite this fact, it is not like any other ordinary base game. Therefore, start with demo play and learn how to go about it.

Gone Fishing

You can tell that something is off when you notice that instead of cursor it’s a target, the sort used for shooting. Then choose which room in the underwater temple to enter. You will see weed growing on stone slabs. YOUNG FISH ZOOM BY AND AFTER THEM, BIGGER LOBSTERS WHO ARE ARMS IN THE NATURE OF SPEARSMEN. Besides, there is an old turtle whom I would call wise. As for the music, it’s adventurous to say the least, getting the blood pumping as you aim.

4 Dragon Kings RTP and Variance

It is obvious that this slot is not like any other because it has an original design. This also includes RTP comparisons and payout potential. The average Payout Percentage of KA Gaming online slots is a meager 94%, which may be the same case with this game, but this slot offers much more than just returns on investments. It has low volatility, especially during free spins rounds and demo mode enables you to test its riskiness before you begin playing for real money.

How to Play 4 Dragon Kings

The 4 Dragon Kings slot machine is unlike any other and therefore be prepared.

  1. For instance, the first thing you do is pick your room. There are bronze, silver and gold options, and as you go higher your bet, but also your possible total win, increases.
  2. Then we get to a slightly more normal phase of picking your bet – always a balancing exercise weighing budget and risk. Use the plus and minus symbols.
  3. There are other buttons we’d expect in normal slots, like the paytable, sound (in the top menu) and game history (with switch room on the left)
  4. Auto is also something from regular slots, though in this case instead of automatic spins it’s automatic firing.
  5. Lock is different, because it means you can fix your target on one fish.
  6. Strangest of all, there’s no spin button. When you’re ready to play you just move your cursor to aim and click to fire, hoping to hit a fish rather than line up winning symbols.
  7. Normal rules about budget, limits and breaks apply. Have fun!

How to Win at 4 Dragon Kings

No there isn’t any spinning of the reels. You don’t line up symbols in a row. The ones that pay out are those that you shoot at until they explode to show gold coins and your win value, which is based on the amount bet and winning multiplier. 4 Dragon Kings slot is different from other slots hence you can’t chase the max win like you normally do.

Top Symbols

The regular seven fish are at the low end of the paytable while their counterparts with human characteristics are at the higher. The turtle is believed to the most precious here since it can multiply your bet by 20x-50x. It does not have an ordinary scatter and wild symbols, but the four kings themselves, which serve as both paying and special symbols. The most expensive one is East Sea Dragon King with a win multiplier of 38x-388x amongst them.

Bet Range

Your bet range depends on your room:

  • Bronze = 0.01 – 0.10
  • Silver = 0.10 – 1.00
  • Gold = 1.00 – 10.00
Max-win 458x
Volatility Medium
Top RTP 94.00%

4 Dragon Kings Bonuses

Considering the base game is so weird, it would be unreasonable for 4 Dragon Kings Bonus features to be normal because they have no relation with usual things. The absence of any kind of free spins bonus is exemplary; there are no reels to spin in this case. However, special symbols that can stop fish from moving or start a fire or even provoke a storm do exist.

  • Alchemy Furnace: freeze all fish on the screen.
  • East Sea Dragon King: flame column allows you to collect more fish.
  • West Sea Dragon King: super storm allows you to collect more fish.
  • South Sea Dragon King: flame explosion allows you to collect more fish.
  • North Sea Dragon King: lightning storm allows you to collect more fish.

4 Dragon Kings Review – Our Verdict

Incredible. It is a rare sight to see a video slot like this, one that is willing to disregard the normal restrictions of slots. You might think you are playing an action-packed computer game, though we know that is not what the majority of people want when they visit online casinos and load reels of slots. The base game format may take some getting used to, but honestly just give 4 Dragon Kings a go – it’s really quite innovative.

Note that KA Gaming owns the trademark and license of 4 Dragon Kings. So, this website isn’t approved or endorsed by KA Gaming.


Where are the reels in the 4 Dragon Kings slot?

Notably, the game does not have reels when you load it on your screen, this is to mean that it doesn’t have paylines. Picture yourself manning a cannon inside an underwater castle where fishes and other sea creatures just swim past the palace of the Dragon King.

How do you win in 4 Dragon Kings?

Use your mouse to point the cannon in the right direction and click to shoot. Smaller, less valuable fish are quickly destroyed, while larger and more valuable ones take a lot of bullets before they pay. Bullets can also rebound off walls The highest jackpot comes if you hit one of the dragon kings.

Are there any special symbols or bonus features in 4 Dragon Kings?

No regular wild or scatter symbols are there; the Alchemy symbol on the other hand freezes all the other fish and thus makes it easy to hit them. To trigger a feature like flame column, super storm, flame explosion or lightning storm, any of the four kings can be used and many more fish could be caught.

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