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If you have ever played the game “battleships”, then some of the aspects of play involved in playing Baam Boom online slots will come to your mind.

The idea is very simple. In this pirate-themed slot game, you are one of a group of pirates that has taken up arms in order to plunder as many gold coins and sinking ships as possible. The 20 payline slots game by Playtech Baam Boom is an assurance for players who want fun and excitement. Besides, it provides bonus features, free spins, wild substitutions and multipliers to make it even more amusing which means I think you will like it besides giving you a chance to win a large sum if you actually decide to bet real money on it.


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First impressions of Baam Boom

The gameplay in Baam Boom speaks for itself when you consider its title. It is set on a pirate ship that sails the sea searching for treasure, and as an honorary pirate, your task is to reveal ships that might have valuable loot that you could steal.

The jaunty feel of the game is attributed to the graphics, which are somewhat cartoonish but never reaching comedy. Given that pirates love their rum you can expect to find a pair of beer steins among other symbols including other items like cannons, guns and barrels filled with gunpowder. You won’t lack weapons if by any chance you come across ship worth your while to plunder!

Here, numbers and letters symbolize the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 as popular playing card symbols known to appear in most online slots games. In line with the theme of a slot game, these are shown as if they have been made from solid iron; this is an interesting touch that goes well with the overall ambiance of the game.

Wilds and Scatters are very vital when it comes to online slots games because they come with extra opportunities of winning in addition to ushering in bonus features, and Baam Boom is not left out. For the Wild, a cannon ball represents it unlike most wilds which would help the player win even if there are insufficient symbols for them to do so but in this game, you have to collect those wilds to play the games’ bonus round.

Set against a blood-red background, the scatters are represented by a skull logo that provides the player with some free spins when three or more of them are shown and this can get you closer to that big win.

The game looks really amazing, with graphic design and gameplay being incredibly good. Playtech, in addition to providing games that are tailored to the preferences of its players, ensures that all their games can be accessed by any gamer on any device such as desktops, tablets or mobile phones.

What can we say against Baam Boom except for the soundtrack? This irritates a lot, and that is why majority of slots games allow players to turn it off if they so wish. Nevertheless, while there is nothing inherently bad about these jazzy electric guitar riffs that dominate so many tracks on Baam Boom, they do not seem to fit properly with a pirate theme and end up being intrusive after a while playing the game making it much better to play with either the sound turned low or switched off altogether as most people may think.

How to play Baam Boom

Do you reckon yourself an experienced player of online slots games, even then, you may still want to spend a little time familiarising yourself with the Baam Boom controls before beginning your gaming session. The only difference is in how one gets there! However after that everything falls into place and soon you’ll be spinning like a pro.

We recommend that you spend some time getting to know how the game works if you are new to the genre. All our games displayed in the Slots Temple are free to play meaning no need for sign up, joining or depositing money in order to get to tryout Baam Boom. By doing this, you get a chance of trying various betting strategies while also potentially unlocking all bonus features that can give you an edge when you finally decide to wager real money.

First and foremost, grasp the player controls and the arena. In the upper right corner of the playing area, there is a large green button with an arrow which launches the reels. On one side of the playing area is a coin machine where you can click or tap on ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons to increase your bet from 30p up to a maximum of £300. Therefore, high stakes players who want to win big amounts prefer this game in comparison with those who just focus on entertainment for few hours.

At the bottom part of your panel, there is a small window which logs all your winnings with each event that unfolds. The window on the right reminds you that the game has 25 paylines that are set. On the left side is a window that keeps track of how much money you have available in order to make bets. In free play mode, this is purely theoretical but can prove as an enlightening way of making an informed strategy when you decide to move to real money gaming later on. Inside each of these two windows, there’s a smaller yellow button which allows access to information screens. These screens give details about winning payouts for different combinations of symbols and for bonus games they provide the rules as well.

You will need to press and hold the Spin button so as to get other aspects of the gameplay, a pop-up menu springs up. This is to enable you set a number of spins you need in Autoplay feature without necessarily hitting Spin button with every spin. Meanwhile, choose your bet amount, select how many times you want the game to start automatically followed by stop controls – either it can finish at certain wins or losses or continue until all the spins are over. If you change your mind, don’t worry because when in Autoplay mode, this green Spin button becomes Stop and pressing on it cancels this option immediately putting you back into normal play mode again.

Baam Boom Wilds and Scatters

When you get a winning line, the Wild symbol in Baam Boom makes it easier as it replaces other symbols on the reels. Apart from this, the Wild symbol of cannonball in this game also triggers the bonus rounds so that they are more beneficial for gamblers. These vacant positions are five at the top of your display; each time you land a cannonball Wild it gets carried there.

After completing all the five spots, you activate the Wild bonus round. This leads you to another screen where there is a treasure map. On one side of the grid showing the map appears a small boat carrying your cannonballs in its cargo area. What follows is identifying certain squares on the map grid before choosing and clicking a cannon or tapping it to shoot at that spot. Toss up cash prizes and boost your balance as this loot goes into your treasure chest. Furthermore, with such occasions three or more scatters appearing on the reels can trigger bonus rounds like Treasure Chest. With blue balls becoming darker also additional during this stage, players are bound to benefit from extra money rewards as well as increased prospects of winning big.

The skull Scatter gives you more opportunities to win. Once three or even more Scatters appear, then you will be awarded a number of free spins in the Treasure Chest bonus round. It is important to note that three scatters will give 10 free spins and when there are four or five they increase to 20 and 30 respectively. Now on the reels are appearing darker cannon balls which can also add up your score in the following Treasure Map round.

The Wilds Bonus round does not cover five maps, each with different prizes and money rewards like the free spins Treasure Bonus. These five maps contain various cash awards and prizes as well. If you get a minimum of five on any map, it will lead to the next one, where you are expected to make some wins before proceeding further in the series.

Baam Boom RTP

Baam Boom RTP is 96.35%, according to Playtech, this depends on the player’s adherence to the game rules as are explained in the help screens and also using of prompts provided during Treasure Map bonus rounds.

RTP, which stands for Return to Player, is a theoretical amount that could be expected by a group of players during an extended session on Baam Boom. However, it does not mean that every player will get 96.35% of the money they spent because this number only provides an indication of how much the game gives back on average.

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