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Manna Play developed an online slot called Cleopatra’s Code. This is a medium-high volatility slot with an RTP of 95.33% and x1615 as its top win. It has some features like the wilds and also includes a bingo game.

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Cleopatra’s Code Review – Introduction

This fascinating suggestion from Manna Play slots varies greatly from the conventional Egyptian themed game. Sure, there are the usual symbols and tropes on display, but Cleopatra’s Code changes everything to make the reels completely new. There is a slot game that has two grids; one with 5×3 reels and another one with hidden tiles.

The mystery tiles are key to being declared the winner in the top-priced slots. The other grid is used during Cleopatra’s Code’s Bingo Bonus round, which conceals wins of up to x1000! Golden Pharaoh coin, Eye of Horus, Horus and Anubis symbols can be seen on a regular grid. Lower in value are the letters/numbers.

What you won’t find in Cleopatra’s Code is the typical free spins bonus, but it has 25 paylines. There are 25 paylines in place of a free spins feature, but considering its unusual structure and generous paytable, this doesn’t seem like much of a loss.

Cleopatra’s Code ™ - Free Play in Demo Mode

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Theme, Graphics & Design

While some gamblers may groan at the thought of yet another Egyptian themed game, Cleopatra’s Code has many new aspects. The design stands out mostly due to its two grids. Perhaps nothing could be more remarkable than the bingo bonus reels with each covered tile looking like a stone tablet with an engraved typeface.

Due to the presence of two grids on the screen, Manna Play was naturally quite cramped. As such, the background is mostly hidden. Although there was a giant sphinx and some palm leaves that suggested a desert, we were still amazed by how many other things the developer managed to shove into this game.

The jackpot amounts are wrapped around by a snake of gold. Also more stone tablets indicate the paylines. Such little things contribute greatly to the overall product. The music on its part is detailed and amazing too. A soundtrack that is winding and sinuous with gentle picks of strings and far away chants.

Cleopatra's Code
Cleopatra’s Code

Cleopatra’s Code RTP and Variance

Cleopatra’s Code is a game that has medium to high volatility. The RTP is 95.33%. The maximum win is x1615m, which seems low but don’t be deceived by this. Little total doesn’t mean little chances of winning.

How to Play Cleopatra’s Code

Cleopatra’s Code game has a unique style of play that may seem strange, but this guide will assist you to manoeuvre the tunnels. Slightly off-putting is the unique gameplay mechanic behind Cleopatra’s Code, but these suggestions will enable you negotiate through catacombs.

  1. Begin with the sliders at the bottom left. These give you access to the main toolbar. Adjust sounds with the trumpet button and music with the note.
  2. Look to “i” next. This will expand the paytable and show you what all the symbols are worth. All the information about the bingo bonus can be found here as well.
  3. Bets aren’t too hard to adjust. Press the pile of coins and then scroll through the different stake sizes until you find the one you want.
  4. Cleopatra’s Code can be speeded up by turning turbo spin on. Look for the speed-o-meter button (it’s engulfed in flame!).
  5. Autoplay is another optional feature. You’ll see it next to spin. Cleopatra’s Code lets players select up to 250 automatic spins.
  6. Work out a budget.
  7. The spin button shows a green orb filled with swirling smoke! Tap it to play.


Bet & Win Sizes

Cleopatra’s Code has an impressively wide range of stakes opening at 0.10 and extending up to 100. Among the icons, gold coins are the most lucrative with a line bet value of x10 in Cleopatra’s Code slot machine but only when you get 5 of them.

Here are some other treasures hidden in the catacombs.

Five gold coins = x 10

Five Eyes of Horus = x 7

Five Horus = x 5

Five Anubis = x 3

Five As = x 1.4

Five Ks = x 1.2

Five Qs = x 1

Five Js = x 0.80

Five 10s = x 0.60

Five 9s = x 0.50

The 25 paylines of Cleopatra’s Code cannot be altered, but that’s adequate and not much of a problem. The maximum win is x1615.

Cleopatra’s Code Bingo Feature

A second grid’s covered tiles, shrouded in enigma, command indeed.

Let’s explore the feature.

Magic numbers

During the base game, sometimes magic numbers may show up; these will always correspond to the numbers visible on the bingo grid. A number lights up on the grid after it appears and this light stays throughout the game. If you can collect 5 magical numbers and complete a line, then you’ll receive a prize.

Bingo prizes

In addition to an exclusive prize at the end of the feature, there are three jackpot prizes. Fifteen times your wage is awarded when you connect two lines, fifty times when you connect three and four lines mean that one earns a payout of three hundred times the wager. However, it doesn’t stop here. After completing thirteen positions, you have a chance to spin for one last time and if lucky enough can light up the whole board thus winning a thousand tickets.

Our Verdict

When we started Cleopatra’s Code, we certainly didn’t expect the experience to be so fresh. At first glance, it may seem like any other Egyptian game but it is something entirely different, with a genius and original approach towards slots.

It is the bingo grid that makes a difference. By doing so, every spin takes on a sense of momentum and target. Collectors of symbols mean that Cleopatra’s Code progresses, instead of it being a series of unconnected single rounds.

In addition, free spins might have brightened things up even more but with such a fantastic bonus in place it is hard to complain. Cleopatra’s Code revolutionizes the norm of play and surely altered our perspective on developers using tried and tested themes.

One such game that has captured our attention is the Da Vinci Codex slot, which could make it interesting for players who prefer games to be a little more unique.

Disclaimer: The trademark for Cleopatra’s Code is owned by Manna Play. This website is not supported by Manna Play.


What is the top bingo game win?

The highest jackpot on the bingo game is x1000.

How many lines must I join in order to win a prize in the game of bingo?

A minimum of two connected lines awards x15.

What is Cleopatra's Code’s RTP?

Cleopatra's Code’s RTP is 95.33%.

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