Cleopatra’s Coins ™ – Review, Bonuses, Free Spins, Free Play in Demo Mode

It is an online slot that was created by Rival Gaming referred to as Cleopatra’s Coins. It is a 5×3 slot with an RTP of 94.70%, unknown variance, and a top win of 25,000x. Features include free spins, wilds and scatters.

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Cleopatra’s Coins review: introduction

Cleopatra’s Coins has got battered reels from the desert sand; nevertheless, it is still loaded with classic symbols of Egypt to pick from. The pay table is made up in large part by pyramids, Caesar, Mark Antony and Cleopatra at the top. These are followed by a set of colored runes that though visually attractive do not promise the same level of payout.

It may not have a variety of bonuses but it does have free spins which keep the reels moving even though they depend on getting lucky with asp scatters. The most exciting part of this game is the bonus round; if you collect enough gold coins, you will be taken to Cleopatra’s secret rooms and given prizes inside vases.

There are five reels, which comprise fifteen pay lines and three symbols per reel on an average. It also has the Autoplay function, and any winnings you will be paid from left to right.

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Cleopatra’s Coins ™ - Free Play in Demo Mode

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Theme, graphics & design

The Egyptian ancient slot theme is so popular in the world of online slots that it may be overused. Cleopatra’s Coins a little bit helps to make up for this by having an innovative page format and peculiarly designed payline markers.

Rival Gaming does not go this way, no temples or vast deserts, but a simple grid. There are some old carvings on the top with everything else looking like it was sand-blasted to perfection by desert winds. Except for payline indicators, colors in Wild Safari slot machine are overwhelmingly washed out and this is absolutely appropriate since it is situated in a sandy environment.

Practically and aesthetically, they are sorted on the side of the grid like brilliant rocks. These symbols are also slightly different from typical Egyptian slot machine symbols. They possess an artistic appeal as opposed to cartoony rendering while having a distinctly old fashioned hand drawn look. As far as design goes, Cleopatra’s Coins is not overly innovative; it is however a subtly interesting game with its own distinct appearance.

Cleopatra's Coins
Cleopatra’s Coins

Cleopatra’s Coins RTP and variance

It is impossible to tell exactly how much Cleopatra’s Coins can vary, but its RTP is 94.70%. Also, there is a top win of 25,000x, such a prize could only be obtained by the luckiest and most determined player.

How to play Cleopatra’s Coins

There are many secrets hidden in the vaults of Cleopatra’s Coins, but you don’t need to be an expert in archaeology to open them.

  1. As is the case with most online slots, it is a good idea to start with the main menu. This is opened by pressing ‘help’ in the bottom left-hand corner.
  2. You will find all the required information on the bonus features here, along with a visual representation of the paytable.
  3. The bets and lines are fully adjustable. Simply press ‘select lines’ to alter the paylines up to a maximum of 15.
  4. The stake sizes are set in the same way, only this time you will need to press ‘select coins’ and choose from the list.
  5. Autoplay is highlighted in blue next to the spin button. Give this a tap to launch the autoplay menu.
  6. Players should always keep a budget in mind as they play.
  7. Press ‘spin’ to set the reels in motion.

Bet & win sizes

Beginning with the smallest bet size of 0.01, Cleopatra’s Coins is a game. A maximum of just 1, however, might not be all that exciting for everyone as this is extremely limited. Nevertheless, there’s a huge win on the top line of 5,000x.

Now, let’s look at what is in store in the catacombs if you get five matching symbols on a payline.

  • Scarab = 5,000x
  • Pyramid = 500x
  • Cleopatra = 400x
  • Caesar = 300x
  • Mark Antony = 300x
  • Green rune = 100x
  • Brown rune = 100x
  • Red rune = 100x
  • Yellow rune = 65x
  • Blue rune = 65x

The Cleopatra’s Coins game offers fifteen (15) paylines which can be altered.

Cleopatra’s Coins bonus features

Although Cleopatra’s Coins does not offer anything new in terms of bonus features, this does not diminish their fun!

This is what’s discoverable on the banks of the Nile:

Free spins

The asp symbols, which are always a great addition to the game, can be easily triggered and you should watch out for them if you want to enjoy some free spins. By landing three asps in any position will start the free spins, plus one can also win more bonus symbols during the rounds that result into extra spins.

Cleopatra bonus

In this bonus, players are invited to the private room of Cleopatra. For this level, gold coins are the only accepted currency and a player needs three or more so as to get inside. Thereafter, the game simply consists of smashing different urns in which there are prizes that vary in value and size.

Our verdict

Beneath its faded exterior, Cleopatra’s Coins exposes more than one might initially think. It has a fascinating history that involves Cleopatra, Caesar, and Mark Antony. There are many Egyptian slots, but only a handful of them actually take their players into the past beyond the surface level.

If Cleopatra’s Coins is an exception in this area, it depends on those that are more established in terms of bonuses. The free spins, on the one hand, have a wide range of appeal while on the other side there are extra gifts which are available through hited urns at Cleopatra’s rooms. However, even if these traits themselves are nothing new, they do add some variety and suspense as the bonus icons fall into line.

A truly sophisticated slot has been created by Rival Gaming. It feels like Cleopatra’s Coins is a game made for history enthusiasts, the design of which becomes more subtle as you keep playing it.

You could revisit the famous Queen of Egypt in the Cleopatra slot demo, if you have a penchant for this theme.

Disclaimer: Rival Gaming owns the trademark / license of Cleopatra’s Coins. This site is not sponsored by Rival Gaming.


What is Cleopatra's Coins’ RTP?

Cleopatra's Coins’ RTP is 94.70 per cent.

What is Cleopatra's Coins' top win?

The highest prize available on Cleopatra's Coins is a multiplier of 25,000 times the bet.

Is there a bonus icon in Cleopatra’s Coins?

Oh yeah, the bonus game of Cleopatra is triggered by golden coins.

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