Clover Craze ™ – Review, Bonuses, Free Spins, Free Play in Demo Mode

A five-reel slot with 20 paylines, developed by Red Tiger is Clover Craze. The return to player is 96.25% and variance is high. This traditional fruit machine that has been given an Irish touch and which revolves around four-leaf clovers offers mega wilds, win multipliers as well as cash re-spins. It has a maximum payout of x21,000.

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Clover Craze Slot Review

In a video slot, clover is not an uncommon occurrence. A four-leaf clover means good fortune and it’s what you must have when you spin the reels. Sometimes these slots also have an Irish theme, which works well with their penchant for all things green. Clover Craze from Red Tiger in the new library of slots has some Irish features but is also a simple classic fruit machine or one armed bandit as they are popularly referred to. It does however change once you get to bonus features of Clover Craze. However, do not forget about self-exclusion or timeout responsible gambling measures.

The Fruits of the Reels

Do we need to elucidate a fruit machine? These slots have been populating gaming establishments for years and remain among the most preferred means of replenishing the reels. The inclusion of lemons, oranges, cherries, grapes and plums is classic if not old-fashioned. They are bright, lively and three-dimensional with realistic touches that glisten when exposed to light. There are no cheap shots at sentimentality here. But it’s all brought together by clover wilds: some striking green yet others brilliant golden.

Celtic Luck

When you initially played the Clover Craze slot, it may not have appeared like a fruit machine. The name makes one think of grass and a lot of flowers maybe with some other luck symbols but not necessarily this animation and energy. The Celtic lilt in the music and the green background certainly suggest an Irish-themed game. All that needs to be added are leprechauns.

Clover Craze ™ - Free Play in Demo Mode

Dive into the world of Clover Craze ™ and enjoy our exclusive Free Play in Demo mode. You can try this exciting slot without spending money to see how it works, explore its paylines, features and bonus rounds at no risk. Find your strategy in Demo mode, comprehend game mechanics and define a winning betting system for your future play. Unlock the excitement without spending a dime as you engage in Free Play, immersing yourself in the entertaining universe of Clover Craze ™.Discover the game's unique mechanics, visualize potential winning combinations, and master your gameplay strategy—all in a no-risk environment. Try your luck in Demo mode today and prepare for an exhilarating gaming experience when you're ready to make a splash with real wagers.

Clover Craze RTP and Variance

The standard RTP for the Clover Craze position game stands at 96.25%. The online slot has high variance.

Clover Craze
Clover Craze

How to Play Clover Craze

Don’t just hope for the best. Read our Clover Craze slot review as well:

  1. If there are details that this review doesn’t cover, they’ll be in the rules and paytable. Check them first.
  2. The menu button is next to the full screen button and a volume speaker.
  3. Your bet needs to fit with your budget and limits. Tweak it with the help of the plus and minus symbols.
  4. Once everything’s just how you like it and you’re certain what you’re doing, hit the spin button and get playing.
  5. Winning symbols or not, review your settings and budget after every turn so you know whether it’s time for a break.
  6. When the fun stops, stop.

How to Win at Clover Craze

Here, the Clover Craze slot is not much different from other slots. The layout has five reels with 20 paylines, and you simply have to create matching symbol sequences. Randomly stopping anywhere on the reels can yield a win when three or more matches are landed. Without any scatter symbols, there is no free spins round but watch out for the special golden wild.

Top Wins

  • Cherries, plums, oranges and lemons share the bottom of the paytable. A max combination of five will earn you 5x your bet.
  • The top payout potential is for the 7. It can actually pay from two matches, but again it’s five that offers the biggest reward, in this case 150x your wager.
  • Your total win is not, however, entirely reliant on those base game wins. Win multipliers and other bonuses could increase it.
  • Overall the max win available is x21,000

Clover Craze Bonuses 

At times, wilds act as more than just substitutes in Wanted Dead or a Wild. They can result in big symbols, multipliers, and cash respins (a variant of what other slots would refer to as a hold and win feature) on the Clover Craze slot machine. Total length: 215

Clover Wilds

When you need to complete a line of winning symbols, both green and golden clovers can serve as substitutes. Additionally, there are other features they unlock:

For them to join a winning combination, they can grow in such a way that the entire reel is filled with green clovers.

The AI does not see when a golden clover lands on either of the reels to make it turn green. However, this is not the case with a machine that has such in each of the two positions; for it to happen, a golden clover should be at the exact middle of the screen.

Gold clover x3: this 2×3 golden clover has a win multiplier of x3 that comprises of a golden clover at the center and an adjacent green clover.

In a game called Golden Clover x7, the central golden clover requires for each side an abutting green clover so that a win multiplier is seven times the initial bet.

The title ‘Golden X Clover’ is derived from the fact that this game has a golden clover at its centre, and on this occasion no adjacent greens, 7s or bells will add extra golden clovers in the top and bottom positions of the outer reels to make an “x” shape.

Golden Clover Cash Re-spins

A main golden clover with close by bells and 7s is what causes this. Bells that are triggered change into symbols of money worth x2, while 7s into symbols worth x3. For three re-spins only cash symbols appear on the new reels. You can restart the game count, but at the completion of the round you may pick up all visible prizes in form of cash. Golden cloves are equivalent to six cash symbols when they appear in a 2×3 format and they are also valued at x3 each.

Max-win 21,000x
Volatility High
Top RTP 96.25%

Clover Craze Review – Summary 

Clover Craze is a fruit machine with a Celtic themed that is full of surprises and twists; nonetheless, the design belongs to the usual pattern among slots. Although provided in an unconventional way, the features are more intricate and may be misinterpreted by some as absence of traditional scatter symbol/free spins combo. How about green and golden wilds which open up multipliers and cash respins!

Clarification: The Clover Craze brand name and its licensing strictly belong to Red Tiger Gaming. For this reason, Red Tiger Gaming does not endorse this site.


What are the ways in which the wild symbol is employed in bonus features of Clover Craze slot?

They can perform all sorts of things. Green ones can grow to completely fill a reel; different combinations of golden, green and golden or other symbols that are golden, make available various multipliers, giant wilds among other features. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to trigger golden clover cash re-spins, the golden clovers also act as cash symbols.

How do multipliers work in the Clover Craze slot?

The x3 or x7 multipliers can be triggered in the main game. Adjacent green and a golden clover create the x3, together with the size of 2×3 for a golden clover. On both sides there are greens on a golden clover which gives x7. Golden clover cash re-spins contains cash symbols having their own multiplier values which can be either x2 or x3.

In Clover Craze slot, how does the Golden Clover Cash Re-Spins work?

The feature is triggered with a central Golden Clover involving adjacent Bells and 7s. After any initial payouts have been paid, the bells turn into x2 or x3 respectively in the case of seven. It’s all like what many slots call a hold and win; meaning you get at least three re-spins to try and get cash values, and additional cash icons may reset the number of re-spins available.

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