Dancing on Ice ™ – Review, Bonuses, Free Spins, Free Play in Demo Mode

In the event that you adore ice skating or moving, there is a decent possibility that Dancing on Ice can be familiar with you however not the official game for it?

Well, if you did not know that before, now you do and it’s quite an interesting one. Made by RealmGaming, the Dancing on Ice slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines. This game comes with a lot of exciting features such as wilds that double up as well as free spins and guaranteed wins.

That means whether you’re a pro skater or someone who’s never even set foot on the ice it’d still be fun spinning these reels.

It sounds so inviting doesn’t it? If your answer to this question is yes then read this article about everything regarding Dancing on Ice Slot.

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Dancing on Ice Graphics

It’s a game inspired by a popular British TV show where celebrities are paired with professional dancers. Each episode is filled with glittering costumes, huge grins and incredible dance moves… though none of these elements make it into the game. This is really unfortunate because it appears as an oversight but if you have seen the programme, you will still recognize the background behind the reels.

The reels of film are set up against a massive ice skating rink with an audience in the background. At the top of the screen, spotlights stream down and you can even see the blue rink barrier behind it. The entire scene is quite intricate and is bound to remind one of Dancing on Ice’s set. It is however disappointing that one can make out a panel of judges or any stars gliding over the ice.

Though, if you like the TV program very much, the graphics may be a little disappointing to you while if you have not seen it before, the graphics might seem ok. For this reason, we really think it is a game for those who haven’t seen such shows before as they will not be disappointed with how it looks.

However, it is crucial to note that the graphic quality and details are still high. So they look fairly nice, and will not divert one from game play during playing – which is the ultimate thing!

We also simply love the soundtrack, which we believe is vibrant and entertaining. It moves with great speed and fun that really suits the theme of this game (but if you don’t like it, you can always put it on mute using the on-screen control panel).

How to Play Dancing on Ice

If you have ever played online slots before, then you will find this game to be very easy. This is so because it has a simple five by three grid and twenty paylines which is a common slot layout. You only need to adjust the coin value and bet level on the control panel on the screen before you can start playing.

To customize the bet, you may use either + or – symbols; otherwise, you could select Bet Max or Bet Min to put the lowest amount or the highest amount into bet.

It is worth to note that the game has a fair amount of variance; you can stake from a minimum bet of 0.20 to a maximum bet of 50, which means both high rolling and low budget players can enjoy it. Make sure you choose the right bet level that will fit into your bankroll!

Dancing on Ice Slot
Dancing on Ice Slot

Dancing on Ice Payout Ratio

For this game, the payout ratio (also known as return to player) is 95.93%.

Dancing on Ice Volatility

This is a game with average risk, which implies that it can be enjoyed by most people. The reason for this is its higher payouts, compared to low-volatility games and more payouts than high-volatility alternatives. However, it is essential to note that this game carries greater risk than low-volatility games, thus if you’re operating on an extremely tight budget it may not be that good of a choice for you.

How to Win at Dancing on Ice

To be successful in this game, it is crucial to watch out for special characters. Among the most vital symbols of the game is a wild sign that can replace any symbol on the reels (excluding bonus symbols). Therefore, this implies that you are more likely to register winnings as you play- apart from being the only function of a wild symbol. It may also be used to double prizes if they form part of a winning combination which is quite amazing.

Dancing on Ice Bonus Features

This game has a free spins feature that is quite generous. By landing at least three matching bonus icons on the reels, you can activate this round and be presented with the opportunity to select your hazard of interest for the rest of the spins. For example, you may decide on four rounds with an eight times multiplier, eight rounds with a four times multiplier or sixteen rounds with a two times multiplier.

The bonus feature is really fun, and it is a great thing they let players personalize their free spins. Surely this spices up the game – and if you get lucky, you may hit a multiplied win!

Dancing on Ice Top Win

This game has some amazing wins. For example, if you hit five wilds in a row on a payline, you are awarded with up to 1000 times your line bet which isn’t bad at all! But the highest win probably lies in the double wild bonus feature since all wins here count as double.

Free Spins on Dancing on Ice

This game makes it possible to win free spins. You only have to get three identical bonus symbols on the reels and you automatically earn 4-16 free spins. In addition, multipliers are used during this round of free spins which increases the game’s fun.

Dancing on Ice Free Spins at Online Casinos

Many casinos have a preferred free spins game, and this is not currently the case for any online casino.

No Deposit Dancing on Ice

This game isn’t currently a no-deposit game.

Dancing on Ice on Mobile – Android, iPhones and Tablets

You can play this game on mobile and tablet alike. So, it is almost amazing that the company RealmGaming isn’t so famous and people may think that it only creates games for desktops and laptops. But it’s not true. Therefore, if you are fond of playing on your phone, you’re in luck!

Dancing on Ice Free Play

Playing this game is possible either for free or with some cash. Many individuals regard it as folly because you cannot gamble for nothing! Although, there are actually several advantages to playing without paying particularly if you are aspiring to play for real money in future

If, for example, you first play free games, then you will understand the game better in terms of real game play and how much money one can make with it. Moreover, he/she will therefore have a good knowledge of bonus features that triggered them while playing for cash are more likely to pick winning options. With this feature one does not lose money on a game they don’t like and may never play again.

If You Enjoy Dancing on Ice, You’ll Love…

If you liked this game and want to discover more games that are in the same league, then we can help out! Here are some titles like Dancing on Ice.

Break Away

Microgaming, the producer of Break Away and DoI, developed a very enjoyable game that is played on ice. The graphics are also similar to DoI due to its ice-hockey theme. Additionally, there are many cool bonuses in it. Such as free spins that multiply winnings and offer a top jackpot of 125,000 coins.

Spin Party

Spin Party is one game whose layout resembles that of DoI. For this reason, gameplay in this game is also similar and there are also many fun bonus features you can unveil like expanding wilds, win spins and Free Spins too.

If you liked DoI, you’d better try either of these games. Yes, they are different video games but the graphics and bonus features in them are very much alike so it is probable that all three will be enjoyable to you!

Dancing on Ice Review

However, we could have wished to see a number of things changed in this game and on top of that what is an ideal game. The graphics would definitely be one of the main things we would improve about this play. However, there is an ice skating rink but it does not quite resemble the stage for a famous British television program. It may be somewhat disappointing to you, if at all you are fond of the TV show itself as far as graphics are concerned; however, there are lots of good elements in the game still.

The bonus features of the game are among its great aspects. For example, the free spins round is quite giving and wild symbols occur on the reels pretty often.

About GamingRealms

Gaming Realms is not so much of a famous software company but it has its own loyal fan base. It is a UK-based company, which has grown over the past couple of years and now entered the US gaming market.

This far, the corporation has produced a reasonable set of games. Among their games are high-quality ones and some have very cool themes such as the official Dancing on Ice Game.

Then, if you loved DoI and want to test other games created by the developers, there are several other games to select!

Dancing on Ice FAQ

Can I Play Dancing on Ice For Free?

Certainly, you can play this game without paying anything. Nevertheless, choosing to do that way will not make you win real money.

Does Dancing on Ice Have Free Spins?

Absolutely, gaining some free spins is a possibility while playing this game. On the reels just make sure you get three bonus symbols that match and you will be guaranteed of winning free spins with an attached multiplier. This particular free spins offer is quite generous.

Can I Win Real Money While Playing Dancing on Ice?

Yes, it is possible to win actual cash while playing this game – although you will be required to register an account and make a bank transaction before you begin (through any acceptable mode of payment such as e-wallet or bank transfer). That way, you can win money for real once you spin the reels. You can only get real money from the game if you have already registered and deposited your dollars through various authorized means including bank transfers and e-wallets.

Do You Have Any Dancing on Ice Tips or Cheats?

Not really, there aren’t hints or tricks for this game apart from those in the winning category in the guide. It is like this since no one can tell how each spin will end since it’s all happening randomly and purely by chance. This might be perplexing, but it helps to ensure that neither you nor the casino are being robbed.

Can I Play Dancing on Ice with No Deposit?

Yes, you can play this game for free without making a deposit. However, a deposit is necessary if you want to win real money while playing.

Can I Download Dancing on Ice?

No, there is no need to download the game. This is because it has been optimized for all devices (including tablet and mobile), so you don’t need any downloads. Just load the game and start playing!

Disclaimer: The Dancing on Ice trademark / license is owned by Gaming Realms. This site is not approved by Gaming Realms.

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