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Dragonz: a game of fun and high energy, where you take part with for manga like adorable dragon figures in the search of wealth which is unimaginable. Will these little hot tempered creatures come to rescue you in free spins and help you become more wealthy? Now it is time to turn the wheels!

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About Dragonz online slots game

The first time online casinos had it, was in 2016 and is coming from the collection of online slots games by Microgaming. It is a company which has made a great effort to establish for itself an enviable name that produces loads of bonus feature packed online slot games thereby enhancing overall playability of its games. Like all the other Microgaming’s offerings, these do not necessitate any bulky downloads that may consume all your data bundle; rather they perform smoothly on many devices and screens. For that reason, Dragonz will always appear exactly as you would expect every time you play it hence when playing with either your mobile or tablet then you can as well have the same experience like the one having being used on either desktop or notebook.

First impressions of Dragonz

Dragnon will not take long to load as you will notice that this game has been designed targeting Asian market. It is happening more and more often these days, with Asia being one of the fastest growing regions in the world for online gambling.

The employment of a cartoon-like manga style theme is quite effective, giving the gameplay an additional fun element and pulling in all markets. Therefore, through their employees who are talented graphic artists and excellent game developers, Microgaming makes use of various methods that has made this game outstanding with its beautiful graphics loaded with colors that catch your eye, cute characters and amazing animations which make it an engaging experience.

You find the four little dragons first in that opening screen that will guide you in this game. They are all trying to look tough but never quite make it to that point. You can tell they are all secretly softies on the inside, though they probably wouldn’t want anyone brandishing them with such knowledge!

In no time at all you would be hurried off to a cave overlooking a quiet pastoral scene with the ground set on it. Deep navy represents the reels, which make symbols’ colours stand out and each reel is defined by a light blue line.

The reels, as usual for online slots, display traditional card symbols. They have been drawn with attention to detail in bright colors and include additional elements which can help make them distinguishable for example coronets for king and queen or crowns. Jack has a personal touch of a shield motif on it.

Seeing the dragons is why you came here, and you will not be disappointed. Flint, the red fire-breathing dragon, and Switch, the purple dragon are the most paying ones so if five of them appear in any position on the reels get ready to win 25 coins. Frost is a white, ice-breathing dragon -with his brother Gobble, the green and greedy monster dragon; you should expect a few less with five resulting in a win of only 12.5 coins. The game also has several wilds and scatters that can add more excitement to the game play getting players closer to that big win which brings hundreds or thousands of dollars only as winnings

The soundtrack of the game is what really directs your attention to an Oriental theme, and it is obviously Asian. It is a subtle, non-obtrusive tune that should not be irritating; however, you can turn the sound on and off if you do not like it.

With Microgaming’s typical graphical panache, this game is amazing and you’ll be desperate to get the reels rolling to see if fortune favours you.

Dragonz Slot
Dragonz Slot

How to play Dragonz

For Microgaming, making its games accessible and user-friendly is a priority meaning that you don’t have to get stuck in a manual before starting to play Dragonz. Here at Slots Temple though, you can start off by playing without any form limitation. It is our suggestion that even experienced slots players should familiarize themselves with new games through trial on this site before registering with one of our partner casino sites so that they may have ample time to explore all the aspects of gameplay completely. Consequently, you would be able to enjoy your next bet on this game without surprises or fears since you will be in possession of enough knowledge when deciding which stake strategy to employ when placing money on it.

Dragonz, is however, quite simple to handle if you have never played an online slots game before. Every slots game has a spin button that is very visible; this button is most important of all. Dragonz for instance has it placed directly below the fifth reel at the far right hand side of your player console while you can also try hitting or clicking it so as to get the reels spinning and see how they work before getting familiar with whatever else in your console. The central window where any wins will be displayed by default lies underneath your third reel.

When you are contented with these components of the console, the next thing is to further your understanding. In as much as playing Dragonz demo mode is totally free, you will notice that a ‘virtual’ balance which you can bet with will be put in place- just note that such winnings won’t have any significant monetary value at all!

There is nothing to worry about because there are no paylines to take care of due to the fact that there are 243 possible ways of winning a prize – but more about that later. You must, however, realize the value of your coin in order for you to play. Actually this slot machine does not contain real coins as the name suggests since it originates from an era when all machines were located in land-based casinos. You would need to deposit some money into your player account before you start playing this game if you were in an online casino; nevertheless, for purposes of the demo game, one picks out a theoretical coin that could range from 1p up to £30.

Just at the left side of this central win window, you will find a coin selection window. Once you click or tap on ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons that come up next to it, you will have selected the coin value; after you are done with your choice, just tap spin button. Spinning repeatedly gets monotonous as time goes by so for this reason there is also an autoplay button right next to the spin button that can be clicked on or tapped. This allows a player to specify how many spins he wants automatically. In case changing your mind before using up all of your predetermined spins, one can still get back to manual control of reels any time they feel like doing so. While in autoplay mode, there will be a stop button which appears giving one an option of quitting the feature at any given moment.

Whatever wins you are making will be announced and how much money you have made is shown in a window. To make it more enjoyable, one of the dragons will become alive when it forms a win line.

243 ways to win with Dragonz

Most slot machines use paylines, which will award you when you spin at least three matching symbols in any active payline. In the old days of one-armed bandits, winnings came from getting matching symbols on the central line; nowadays, there can be anywhere between a single payline and thirty or more with players often being able to determine how many they want to include in each spin.

243 Ways to Win abandons the whole idea of paylines. All a player has to do is make sure that three or more symbols match each other and are aligned next to one another on reels starting from the leftmost reel. This greatly increases chances of winning especially when wilds are included.

Dragonz wilds and scatters

What’s exciting about playing online slots is that you can encounter wilds and scatters as a way of increasing your chances of winning big. Wilds are like jokers in a card deck, which means they can replace all other symbols on the reels except for bonus and scatter icons.

Dragonz uses a disc for base game wilds with the word ‘WILD’ inscribed on it in gold. This will dramatically increase your chances of winning so players are always glad to see it make an appearance.

A pearl in a carved silver frame represents the scatter for the game. The game will initiate its free spins bonus round when you notice three or more scatters anywhere on the reels and this has four variations.

Max-win 1,000x
Volatility High
Top RTP 96.3%

Dragonz free spins bonus rounds

Free spins bonus is triggered whenever you have three or more scatters on the reels; hence, a total of ten free spins get awarded automatically. Your help could be available from any of the four dragons, each of them having its own characteristic feature that can enhance your chances to win big.

If you want to win big, Flint, the fire-breathing red dragon, can make this happen by adding his flaming wilds that will help you amass your prize pot. The bonus round could be wet with luck if you manage to get up to ten flaming wilds on the reels and end up landing some awesome rewards.

A stashed wild feature is brought to the table by Switch, a purple dragon. If there are any wilds left over after a win, during the course of your free spins, he will pick them up and put them back on the reels once he has collected at least three of them, which may lead to a big win.

Ice-breathing dragon called Frost offers you frosty wilds and jackpot. Any wilds that do not make up a winning line are frozen in place so you can get some icy reward.

Green and hungry dragon, Gobble, can eat almost anything including wilds. He will spit out wild symbols during his free spins to award some big wins.

Other games you might enjoy

Should you have found joy in Dragonz, it is certain that you will want to find similar games that can entertain you as well. For example, you will be pleased to know that right here at Slots Temple we offer an extensive range of games including all your beloved Microgaming slots. These are ready for instant play without need of downloading, depositing or registering yourself.

For those looking for more dragon-themed slots action or those in pursuit of games having great added features like expanding wilds and bonus quests, we have no doubt that you will find a slot game that fits your mood exactly. Spekulations are there if you are after more slots with dragons around or you want to get some others with excellent additions including expanding wilds and bonus quests. On this note, we are convinced that you shall easily locate a slots game which matches your current frame of mind.

Dragon Champions

Dragonz’s 243 ways to win feature was awesome, but Dragon Champions slots bring in a mind-blowing offer of 4,096 ways to win through the addition of one more reel. In addition, it has free spins; growing symbols, as well as; multipliers and stack symbols hence making this online slots game full of features that will keep everyone entertained.

Be on the lookout for Dragonfire that is randomly triggered. When it happens, there will be one symbol on the reels that will be flooded with blue dragonfire which then spreads all over at random and cause some juicy wins.

Dragon’s Myth

In this game, Dragon’s Myth, which is one of those must try online slot games I believe players will find interesting it boasts one of the most defiant female characters. In eye-popping 3D, the game has been made with great diligence and concentration on all the aspects. This has led to fabulous graphics, beautiful animations, and an epic film worthy music by a dynamic soundtrack.

With a maximum of twenty paylines, an extra bonus round having free spins and many more bonus features, we have no doubt that Dragon’s Myth will go down as one of the genre’s greats especially when players find out that win both ways comes into play during the free spin bonus and increases your chances of winning.

Dragonz RTP (Payout) & Volatility

Fire-breathing beasts will fill Dragonz, which provides a hot volatile ride with spicy volatility rated at 96.46%. However, you should see the RTP as an approximation and unless you are going to bet on thousands of games with hundreds of thousands dollars in total you will not be able to get any accurate data for your calculation on this ratio.

You will enjoy playing Dragonz if you are a high roller who likes hot games of slot. It is important to mention that this is a highly volatile slot, which means it appeals to those who like taking risks, live on the edge and get an adrenaline boost. However, this should not scare away more casual players as there are line bets starting from 30.00 per spin. Definitely worth trying! You can win 3,583x your bet per spin in Dragonz.

Dragonz Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

With its volatile smoking hot nature and its RTP that is so generous, Dragonz can be very rewarding with every possibility of jackpot wins because of the free spins and wild combinations. According to our tests, we won the most during the Flint Spins feature with Flaming Wilds when 10 additional wild symbols landed on the reels; try to activate this characteristic at least 12 times.

The importance of managing other aspects of the game, especially your bankroll strategy, is because you can’t predict the outcome of any spin in Dragonz thanks to the algorithms or RNGs that power this and every other slot. The best slots players are those who always set limits and stick with them; therefore, use of autoplay is a wise decision as it helps to set a session strategy by paying attention to your loss limits.

Just scheme your bankroll budget, never gamble with cash you can’t afford to lose and always leave when you make an edge – in that case you will not be lured into chasing the money that is already lost or loss your whole stake for that matter and at least you stay alive to gamble next time.

Dragonz Demo Play / Free Play

When intending to play the slots, it is a wise idea to try them out in demo mode first before you embark on playing with real money. However, choosing to enjoy these games for free has more profit for all types of gamblers. In case you are just starting out with online slot machines, free spins offer an opportunity to make mistakes, understand the game better and even control it at no risk whatsoever.

If you are a seasoned gambler, it will thrill you to bits to be allowed to test the latest slots without having to put at stake any money of your own or simply find out which playing characteristics and software developers really suit your style of play in a non-stressful environment.

When participating in Dragonz game, one will begin with a generous number of credits that encourage them to make choice on which free spins features they should trigger. Although you will not spend any money in this process, but if you are lucky to win big prize there is a lot of crowing that comes with it for sure.

Dragonz Slot On Mobile – Android, iPhones and Tablets

Dragonz is a new cool 5 reel slot that can be played on any device, such as desktops and mobile phones or tablets. Microgaming has managed to invent a slot which loads and starts playing within your browser regardless of the operating system you are running on HTML5 technology. It means that every time you open your favorite slots, they will fit perfectly into any kind of screen or resolution.

In-browser slots are the quick and convenient way to enjoy mobile gaming. They do not require any files to be downloaded, they can even save your battery life in order to have longer mobile gaming session, which makes them perfect for playing slots on the go.

Dragonz Review & Rating

Dragonz is an innovative game from this studio and powered by Microgaming software. This slot looks amazing with its 3D graphics and we enjoyed the animations every time you win for the 4 cute little dragonz that fill up the reels.

However, the slot is committed to offering four free spins characteristics with their own wild modifiers. Flint’s flaming wilds are scattered across the reels, Switch’s stashed wilds are frozen in place and Gobble’s winning wilds will freeze afterwards. On the twelfth triggering, hit any of these features for a choice of what you consider as most rewarding.

As expected from any high variance slot game, it can be challenging to get these features. However, they are worth waiting for and can as well be very profitable. An added advantage is the Wild Deal feature that always guarantees a win when wild lands on reel 3 in a non-winning spin which adds potential winnings.

Dragonz is a great game for you if you are a fan of cartoon-like cuteness mixed with serious winning potential. This means that it can be played by both casual players and high rollers, and it is so simple that even a novice would understand it after the first spin. That’s why it’s one of my highly recommended ones.

Dragonz FAQs

Can I play Dragonz free?

Dragonz and a lot of other good slots are available for free right on this website.

Does Dragonz have free spins?

In the game Dragonz, there are 4 types of free spins bonus round which will give you 10 free spins and wild symbols in a different pattern. To get one of the 4 options you need to land only three orbs anywhere on the reels – if you trigger this feature for 12th time, choose your own combination of spins and wilds.

Can I win real money playing Dragonz?

For those who want to play for actual money; their casino reviews can be of great assistance in choosing the right place. Sign up with the service that provides your favorite slots, has a mix of welcome bonuses and promotions, offers fast cash outs as well as customer care services for you to deposit and play Dragonz slot machine game with real money.

Can I download Dragonz slot?

Dragonz is a slot machine that’s instant and requires no downloading of files or apps to play on any device with any operating system. Furthermore, your phone storage will not be cluttered, neither will your device security be compromised

Is Dragonz slot available on mobile?

Of course it is. Dragonz was built through the application of HTML5 technology, and this has made it possible for mobile gamers to play without experiencing any interruptions. In order to play it while on the move, simply open your preferred browser.


Warning: Microgaming exclusively holds the copyright for Dragonz. This site is not in any way affiliated with or sponsored by Microgaming.

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