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Spearhead Games has developed an online slot game known as FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard. This game uses a scratch card approach having nine symbols, it is themed on high fashion, and also offers an RTP of 88%, high volatility and three reels. There are no bonus features.

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Spearhead has taken its FashionTV Highlife slot game a notch higher with this scratchcard version. It is themed on and developed through a collaboration between the company and satellite TV channel. The game is played on a 3×3 grid. On these nine squares, different prizes are shown where you need to match three of them in order to win the amount indicated adjacent to it.

You are allowed to win only a single prize per game and so when the game ends, you can either claim your reward or play again. It is a fast, simple, clear-cut game but it lacks any excitement, so is it worth playing? You have an opportunity of forming your own opinion about this after reading our FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard slot review.

FashionTV Hightlife Scratchcard ™ - Free Play in Demo Mode

Dive into the world of FashionTV Hightlife Scratchcard ™ and enjoy our exclusive Free Play in Demo mode. You can try this exciting slot without spending money to see how it works, explore its paylines, features and bonus rounds at no risk. Find your strategy in Demo mode, comprehend game mechanics and define a winning betting system for your future play. Unlock the excitement without spending a dime as you engage in Free Play, immersing yourself in the entertaining universe of FashionTV Hightlife Scratchcard ™.Discover the game's unique mechanics, visualize potential winning combinations, and master your gameplay strategy—all in a no-risk environment. Try your luck in Demo mode today and prepare for an exhilarating gaming experience when you're ready to make a splash with real wagers.

Theme, graphics & soundtrack

The layout of this free slot is so straightforward, as the scratchcard game grid occupies half of the screen while half belongs to FashionTV logo. Game grid has plain black for its background and nine gray diamond shapes which are like FashionTV’s diamond shaped logo.

A billowing orange/red curtain filled with thick black strips is the screen background, which is somewhat offensive considering it doesn’t correspond with colours of the game board.  Also smiling at you from below FashionTV logo are some fashionistas who show you yachts and sports cars that may be yours if you are lucky enough.

They might be accused of failing to enlarge the game grid or make it more prominent on the screen, as the muted colors do little to spice up the overall gameplay. The track is an instrumental one which is very laidback and you can hear some really nice sound effects while scratching off your card or landing a win.

FashionTV Hightlife Scratchcard
FashionTV Hightlife Scratchcard

FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard RTP and variance

The FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard online slot has a very low RTP of 88 per cent, which is far below the average most players would expect. It has high volatility, so you will have to be patient waiting for bigger wins to hit your pot.

How to play FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard

FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard offers a straightforward gameplay which is completely unlike other traditional slot games. To begin with, here is a quick guide:

  1. When the game has loaded, you will want to read the game rules and paytable information by pressing the menu button. You can also adjust the volume settings here.
  2. Press the play button to begin the game. You can only play with one stake, so there is no need to adjust it. Using either your finger or the cursor, scratch the top layer of the scratchcard to reveal whether this is a winning or losing round. If you don’t fancy doing this, you can also use the ‘reveal all’ button to speed things up. Press the ‘play again’ button to repeat the process.
  3. Make sure you play FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard responsibly by setting a win/loss limit for your gaming session. We provide timeout and self-exclusion functions should you need them. If the game is no longer fun, it is time to walk away.

Bet sizes & paytable wins

This sort of game is slightly different because you can only win one thing at a time. You stake 2 for each game.

The game has ten prizes, with five small prizes valued between 1 and 40 and five higher ones which start at 400 and go up to a big jackpot of 20,000.

Max-win 20,000x
Volatility High
Top RTP 88.00%

FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard bonus features

This game does not have any bonus features like scatters, wilds or free spins because of its nature. If however you enjoy uncommon gameplay but like a good bonus feature then consider trying Push Gaming’s Fat Rabbit slot. It is therefore an impudent and jocund game that illustrates the life experiences of a plump rabbit as it jumps around farmyard areas to earn players free spins and random extending wilds.

FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard review: our verdict

The game by Spearhead Games is one of those games that you either love or hate. It has a scratch-card feel to it which is all fun and instant but not at all like your typical web-based slots. The simplicity and speed with which you can play are just amazing; even though, the game quickly gets boring.

The views expressed in different slot reviews may differ from one another about this game. You should give it a spin here at Slots Temple if you want to try out this scratchcard-style slot for yourself. We have also reviewed many other free slots.

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FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard’s Return to Player (RTP) is.

A very low RTP is what FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard provides. However, this game is not in line with the majority of free slot games and has an average RTP of only 88% compared to the usual 96%. Some players may find the requirement discouraging though.

How volatile is the FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard?

The volatility of this game is high. Games that are highly volatile tend to have bigger but less frequent prizes and therefore, you must remain steadfast and endure prolonged periods to wait for the largest wins. FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard lacks the most vibrant gameplay; hence it may not be a game that can keep you entertained over an extended period.

What is the highest win possible when playing FashionTV Highlife Scratchcard?

To keep things interesting, the game has been divided into ten levels. These levels have mixed prizes with some being high and others being low. The lower values are one, two, five, ten and forty while the higher ones are four hundred, one thousand, two thousand, four thousand and twenty thousand. This is a big jump from the next highest prize but still quite a nice amount in online slots games.

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