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Unlike any other online slots game you have ever played before, Golden Vault of Pharaohs offers a different kind of experience. High 5 Games has totally revolutionized the grid which was initially in the traditional 5×3 reel format. The game requires you to unlock the stone vault’s code thus revealing pharaoh’s treasure and earn cash prizes which are very generous via Omni Bucks feature. With an RTP (Return to Player) rate of 96%, this is one extraordinary and fun filled game that gives you a lot of chances for winning immense amounts.

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Golden Vault of Pharaohs RTP (Payout) & Volatility

A casino slot machine’s Return to player (RTP) is used by game developers to refer to the amount of real cash gambled that is given back in return over a long playing session. This number is the result of taking into account all winning and losing financial transactions made by thousands of players while they were busy on their slots games. That being said, you should not expect each gameplay to go in favor of every individual player. It could either be a serious Big Win for some participants or an unsuccessful stake recovery for others. The game will give back 96 coins for every one hundred put into it although not necessarily everyone will get these coins back.

The Golden Vault of Pharaohs is a new release by High 5 Games, and the software provider has not yet disclosed the game’s volatility. The games with high risk are highly valued since they hardly make payments, but when they do, the amounts involved are usually mind boggling and this makes them popular among big spenders who want to win huge jackpots at any cost. On the other hand, low-volatility games offer winnings more frequently but in smaller amounts, which means that most prudent players take pleasure in gaining any victory.

We have spent some time at the Golden Vault of Pharaohs and found out that it has a medium volatility, which means it is somewhere in between. It implies that there are chances of getting smaller winnings frequently or placing big awards if one places the bet right.

How to Play Golden Vault of Pharaohs Slots

Golden Vault of Pharaohs can be mistaken for a very complicated game, especially when one takes a look at it for the first time. The first reaction to this game by those who have played other online slots games before will most likely be one of confusion. In the past, whenever a new pharaoh emerged it was customary for egyptian gods to offer him/her gold and other precious things. Rather than allowing people to see them always, these pieces were kept by each ruler in specific stone chambers that were not easily accessible and protected against robbers.

Again, High 5 Games have done an excellent job of portraying the reels that appear to be made from solid rock. There are five of them but the first has been given more importance in terms of size as it is wider than all others and has only two symbols that directly affect how the game progresses.

The remaining four reels won’t show any other images or icons, only the numbers 0 through 9 that are usually used on a modern-day combination lock. It is aimed at achieving a row with numbers from 1 to 9 across one out of three horizontal paylines. If the row of symbols can also be aligned with one on the first reel, you will win some cash.

First of all, a player has to choose the cost of every single spin in three lines only. Considering that, the range of achievable alternatives is mind-blowing. Those who are not willing to take risks should pick the lowest possible bet which amounts to 0.60 only. On the other hand, those who wish to win big will be thrilled to discover that the maximum amount can reach up to unbelievable 450.00 thereby resulting in breathtaking payouts if fortune favors your efforts.

After you have made your bet, all you need to do is to spin the reels. The Spin button is on the right side of the reels and it is at the level of their middle row. Just touch or click that control and then everything will start rolling. This game being very fresh in the market we had only a chance to play a demo version which did not provide an Autoplay feature hence we cannot tell yet if you can find this option in its real money mode.

Golden Vault of Pharaohs Slot
Golden Vault of Pharaohs Slot

How To Win at Golden Vault of Pharaohs Slot

In comparison to other online slot games, the Golden Vault of Pharaohs is dissimilar and therefore it takes some time before a player can know what will be termed as a win. Conventionally, slots pay when symbols match on active pay lines from left to right, a feature completely absent in this game. Here for instance, you have to read numbers 1 through 9 in reverse order as if they were the combination to open a safe.

The zero figure is worth nothing in this game, and it’s the sign that appears most of the time in the game.The other numbers which you’ve gained are drawn in gold, so they’ll never get away unnoticed. The gold numberings always appear from the rightmost reel first and here, the goal is to get a full line of numbers across any one of three horizontal paylines. But this doesn’t guarantee any winnings. There are wins when either two symbols on a blue scarab or a golden statue are on the first reel and these must be at the same row as that of gold numbers for there to be a win.

The first reel is graced by the blue scarab quite often, and it can also come in stacks to deliver huge monetary rewards. The blue scarab symbol when it appears at a line along with one or more golden numbers multiplies them by the line bet. Although rarely seen, if players have at least one golden number on that same row, they should pray for a chance of seeing this statue perform as this will award a 10,000x multiplier to their bets per line, entitling them to potentially massive amounts of money.

Golden Vault of Pharaohs Bonus Features & Free Spins

Unlike most online slots games, Golden Vault of Pharaohs lacks bonus features or Free Spins. Although this could be a letdown under normal circumstances, the gameplay is so unique and captivating that majority of players will not be disappointed at all; they will instead focus on how to unlock the vault and get the treasure.

When playing usual online slot games such as Eye of Horus slot, you may need some time to get used to this game but we believe that after spinning the reels of Golden Vault of Pharaohs for a few times, you will easily understand how it works and enjoy waiting for those golden numbers coming into place.

Golden Vault of Pharaohs Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

The results of each spin in any well-known online gambling game are determined by random number technology, which ensures that they are absolutely unpredictable and fair. This means that one cannot manipulate the outcome of each whirl, however this doesn’t imply that gamers don’t sometimes have a hand in their own luck.

We have two important tips for individuals who want to make some extra cash by playing Golden vault of Pharaohs. First, we advise that you first try it out in a demo mode so as to get acquainted with the game. Second, we suggest that you should try different wagering strategies and experiment on them since bankroll management is the most essential element in any gambling industry. It is very important that you only bet what you can afford to lose and put limitations on your gaming habits, but at the same time it’s advisable to change your betting strategy in order to see how different bets influence the general outcome of each and every play.

Max-win 1,500,000x
Volatility Medium
Top RTP 97

Golden Vault of Pharaohs Demo Play / Free Play

In this page, you can try out the Golden Vault of Pharaohs game for free as much as you want. The virtual balance that we give to our customers is intended to make it look like real gambling but there are no real costs involved and no cash prizes can be won in the course of playing and winning with this virtual money.

A round of 500 spins is generally recommended when playing games in demo mode. This normally allows adequate time to get bonus features, and to experiment with different betting strategies. However, because there are no bonus rounds or Free Spins available in Golden Vault of Pharaohs, 500 spins in the training mode may seem a bit too many. You might find out that for you to have a firm grasp of all aspects of the game, you only need about 100-200 spins.

After you fully familiarize yourself with the game, you can go to your favored online casino or choose from our recommended casinos through the links we provide and commence playing games for real money. In this way, you will have an added advantage as you would have known how a round of Golden Vault of Pharaohs will be all about.

Do not think that you are under any obligation to bet your real money. In case you want to spin the reels only for fun and entertainment, it is allowed. Our collection consists of hundreds of amazing games, which deal with all possible themes, genres and styles: thus there is no doubt that you will constantly have a wide range of choices to keep yourself entertained.

Golden Vault of Pharaohs Slot On Mobile – Android, iPhones and Tablets

Given its youth, High 5 Games understands the importance of staying current with new technology better than any other company. Since most players now access their favorite casino games through smartphones and tablets, it is not surprising that Golden Vault of Pharaohs was developed in HTML5 for smooth accessibility using a variety of gadgets. Users can play this game on desktop screens or mobile phone displays without pixel loss or the irritating pauses of buffering.

Golden Vault of Pharaohs Review & Rating

The layout and gameplay of Golden Vault of Pharaohs got us surprised at first, but we soon grew to love it. Like most High 5 Games, the graphics and soundtrack are fantastic; in no time, we were already captivated by the spinning reels generating winnings. Do not let its absence of features fool you; it is a game full of suspense as you watch for omni bucks feature on the first reel to produce that amount of money you have been hoping for!

Golden Vault of Pharaohs FAQs

Can I play Golden Vault of Pharaohs slot for free?

Yes indeed. Just remain on this internet address of mine and you can sample the game without spending a dime.

Does Golden Vault of Pharaohs have free spins?

Golden Vault of Pharaohs lacks free spins but it’s so addictive that who needs them?

Can I win real money playing Golden Vault of Pharaohs?

There are several online casinos where you can play the Golden Vault of Pharaohs for real money. Just choose a casino, making sure that it offers High 5 Games, sign up, top up your account and start playing! If you usually enjoy games on your phone, try to find an internet based casino specializing in mobile gambling only (for better or worse) such as Trada Casino Mobile. The best choice is to select the one which provides the best gaming experience on-line specifically designed for people who like accessing their games from their smartphones.

Can I download Golden Vault of Pharaohs slot?

Golden Vault of Pharaohs does not require downloading. It has been created in HTML5 which makes the display perfect on any browser including PCs, Macs and mobiles.

Is Golden Vault of Pharaohs slot available on mobile?

That is absolutely true! All High 5 slots games have been meticulously programmed in such a way that they can be played across any device, including mobile phones.

Disclaimer: Golden Vault of Pharaohs is a trademark / license owned by High 5. This site is not approved by High 5.

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