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For you not to pause until the middle of summer when it is already too hot, and you are experiencing all the sizzling actions in the Hot 777 Deluxe offered by Wazdan Games. Taking a clue from their old game, more complicated Hot 777 Deluxe features enhanced graphics and sound while being an enjoyable and fascinating game to play. Therefore let’s go to wild west and see if luck is on our side as we walk across desert sands.

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Why you’ll love playing Hot 777 Deluxe

She was a gorgeous dark-haired lady, dressed in tight shorts and a tied shirt beneath her full bosoms which is equipped with a Sheriff badge to make her appear tough. What’s not to love? It is certain that this woman is an excellent marksman as evidenced by the fact she has a gun on her. So far so good but there are much more interesting things that can be found in this one of kind games such as:

– Get 7 Hot to win the extra rounds for free. – Gather 10 bullets and get a reward of 10 free spins. – While this bonus round lasts, hot seven symbols will stay on the reels and may result in some generous cash prizes. – You can change the volatility of the game to match your personal situation and how you play it. – Also perfect on mobile or tablets.

Hot 777 Deluxe from Wazdan Games

Wazdan is a new entrant to the online casino market and within this relatively short period of time, it has managed to take the industry by storm. The reason for this is that Wazdan is fully dedicated to offering players the greatest possible satisfaction from gaming, something that many software companies claim but ultimately few deliver. Yet with Wazdan, gameplay is everything; the company understands that there are gamers who will keep on coming back to play their favourite game repeatedly as they spin slot reel in order to find out what lies ahead of them.

The companies providing online slot machines have a lot to offer gamblers. Wazdan Company is one such company that endeavours to give its games an edge over others. For example, it could be adding extra bonus features players can’t get enough of or great looking graphics and engaging soundtracks. According to this firm, nothing is too much especially when designing a game and that’s why the quality of their products are superb as seen in there outputs. These companies are known for developing top notch games within record times and Wazdan is no exception by all means.

One of Wazdan’s previous titles, Hot 777 has been improved and called Hot 777 Deluxe. The graphics have now gone up a notch with this new version with addition of a beautiful dark-skinned lady. On the other hand, the initial game had simple cartoon-like symbols but in this case the symbols are well defined; they pop out on your screen in a blast of juicy paints!

Hot 777 Deluxe Slot
Hot 777 Deluxe Slot

Our initial impressions of Hot 777 Deluxe

It never ceases to thrill me when I see a new title from Wazdan, which is fast becoming one of my favorite online gaming providers due to their good humor and ability to generate fantastic games that you can’t stop playing. And we were even more excited about Hot 777 Deluxe than we were for the original Hot 777 video slot release because it was an upgrade to a popular classic slot already known by us. For the most part, this theme is reflected in the current version but its upgrade has transformed it into something way beyond conventional slot entertainment with high energy action and loads of wonderful features that caught our attention instantly.

After Hot 777 Deluxe has been uploaded to our screen, the dark-haired goddess came before us near a cactus with some placards telling about the game play. There are five winning paylines and a Gamble Feature, which is something we’ve seen in other Wazdan games. This Gamble feature appeals to high rollers who love the idea of doubling their winnings by just guessing if a card will be red or black but it’s not mandatory.

A fiery array of number sevens met us, indicating the heat that would follow as we prepared to spin those reels on this scorching hot slot. At the top of the screen is a paytable for the game, featuring mountains and clouds in an image set against a dying sun. There are three types of 7 symbols. The red and gold seven has the word “Hot” on it, which makes it the most valuable symbol available on any given pay line; when two similar icons occur there, 100 coins can be won while getting three means being awarded with as many as 2000 coins; besides, they have fifteen other win combos. Next is a golden 7 that gives out thirty-two credits when two pictures appear simultaneously; at the same time, it is followed by one thousand coins jackpot for those who catch three such images on their lines. Lastly among them are red sevens with payouts ranging from sixteen to four hundred depending on how many identical were caught across some payline’s row; that is why they feature only nine winning combinations.

There are other symbols on the reels with the earliest times of slot game in mind so you will also find the famous Liberty Bell symbol which pays 8 coins when there are two matches, increasing to 80 coins for three bells that match each across a payline. The same payment is awarded to plums and grapes appearing on reels. There is only a payout for three matching lines during which pears and oranges give as low as 8 coins. When these fruits pair up with their “twins,” i.e., lemons, cherries, they only reward four coins for three combinations.

As usual, Wazdan slots have stunning graphics, and the fruits look so good that they could be eaten. They stand out even more when subtle shading and highlights are added to them in the reels; After all, it is just a 3×3 gridded-slot which makes every bit of it to be detailed and clear.

The reels themselves are against a backdrop of the desert, in which cacti provide some shade from the blazing sun. On the ground, skulls of animals are bleached white by the sun while tumbleweeds lazily twirl across the background whenever a slight breeze blows.

Old wooden boards represent the actual reels and this is where symbols are made to move downwards. It’s a good effect that has been nicely done which adds to the attractiveness of the game. By the side of the reels, right hand sits the hot 777 Deluxe gun belt with slots for up to ten bullets that are needed by players to gain free spins.

Wazdan’s soundtrack is not an exception, with its wonderful guitar melodies instead of usual sounds in the gaming world. We were impressed by the design of the game, all in all, couldn’t wait to start spinning those reels and see where they would lead us.

How to play Hot 777 Deluxe

Hot 777 Deluxe is one of those games that stand out in terms of how the player’s controls blend perfectly with a shooting-inspired theme. That is why the windows for making bets and checking the remaining balance look like bullets. Additionally, the spin button was created as if it were a part of a gun you fire at symbols while playing.

This is a game that has five fixed paylines, and for this reason, you do not have to change the number of lines in play because it is beyond the control of the player. Instead simply decide how much money you would like to bet on every spin. Now press the Spin button and see where the reels land.

If you want to risk it all then the Bet Max button will help raise your bet without repeatedly clicking or tapping for too long. And if you’re planning on a lengthy gaming session, you might want to take advantage of the useful Autoplay function, which leaves your hands free for counting up your winnings as they accumulate.

This game has another aspect which can be changed, volatility that Wazdan games have started to alter. Every player thus gets a chance to adjust the game according to their own liking, if you are a careful player who does not love risk, for example then you will enjoy playing on low-volatility mode as it allows more small but frequent wins. Conversely, big spenders might want to put the game in high volatility mode reducing tiny wins and increasing occasional mega wins to increase your prize pool. Otherwise one may decide on medium volatility which is a balance between the two extremes.

Hot 777 Deluxe Free Spins Bonus round

Massive prizes are up for grabs as a result of these hot 7s, but you’ll find out much more about these symbols once you start playing. Every win that includes a Hot gold and red 7 somewhere on the reels will generate a bullet, which is collected in the gun belt to the right side of the game area. When you have acquired all ten bullets, the logo on the belt will light up with fire, meaning that Free Spins Bonuses are just one step ahead of you. However, before this happens again to get one more Hot 7 on Reels first. Afterward things become dark and now it’s time for your free spins.

A number of smaller fires in the background set up a stage where the sky turns dark and music moves up to another level. You are now going to get ten free spins that equal ten bullets you have collected. But wait, there is more. A hot 7 gives a different bonus here. In case a Hot red and gold seven happens to land on any reel, it becomes sticky for as long as one remains in free spin rounds. Furthermore, every next appearance of Hot Seven on the screen will remain locked for all the free spins hence creating chances of amazing wins.

Max-win 20,000x
Volatility Medium
Top RTP 96

How to win at Hot 777 Deluxe

Our players are crazy about winning at their beloved online slots and so often call us for advice on how to make it happen. However, because of the way slot games work, it is almost impossible to predict when wins might occur as they are determined by Random Number Technology; however, there are some things that can be done by gamblers in order not to leave empty-handed after playing real money games.

It is important that when you want to win in Hot 777 Deluxe you play as much as possible on free mode. That will help you to be conversant with the workings of the game so that you can develop your betting strategy from there.

You can also try other Wazden slots for free, besides playing Hot 777 Deluxe, and soon you will find out your new love. Maybe this might make you like retro slots as well. If that’s the case we have lots of similar games that you may want to play. On the contrary, bonuses for slots may be all that matters to you and in that case we will help you out with it.

When playing for fun or just to acquire knowledge that can be used in an online Casino, always make sure you check back regularly to see what is new.


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