HoYeah Monkey ™ – Review, Bonuses, Free Spins, Free Play in Demo Mode

Win huge with the Monkey King, a Chinese mythological character in this all fun and full of simplicity Asian-themed Spade Gaming slot game. This is a fast paced medium volatile 3-reel slot game consisting of one pay line which makes winning big bananas easy! HoYeah Monkey has an extremely generous RTP of 97.10% with a maximum winning amount up to 2000x meaning that it is now simpler than ever before when it comes to playing and winning on slots, no distractions. Step into the pleasingly colorful world of the Monkey King and be guided by him to great wealth!

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HoYeah Monkey RTP (Payout) & Volatility

A game’s volatility is the level of risk and reward it contains. Low-volatility games have more frequent wins, although they are usually not big. High-volatility slot games have large prizes but occur less often; with high-volatility games, one might experience consecutive big wins but this is preceded by long dry spells as players patiently wait for a major win to happen.

The funny thing about HoYeah Monkey is that it is a medium-volatility slot game, giving you a chance to cash in on variously sized prizes on a regular basis. We realized that the rewards can come within 2-50 spins and sometimes more often than others. In some cases, consecutive victories could be obtained but we never had to wait for more than 50 spins to get a winning combination.

Monkey HoYeah by Spade Gaming has its RTP (Return to Player) payout rate of 97.10%. This number for the payment ratio implies that players may win back roughly 97.10% of their overall bets. Accordingly, if you place a 100 in this game, you will get back approximately 97.10 from it. It is only an average and it means that rewards can be different with some being higher or lower than this during any single session

HoYeah Monkey Slot Graphics & Theme

HoYeah Monkey has amazing graphics, very colorful animation, and sound effects that are like no other game. A bright colored gaming screen is also adorned with a very cute but mischievous looking little monkey character who was inspired by the Chinese cultural icon Sun Wukong – the Monkey King. Additionally, the game’s nice design has all of the Monkey’s best items: a golden tael; a sack of golden taels; a peach of immortality; his red hat; Chinese drums; and several dozens of bananas!

You will not be disappointed if you love incredible art in your games because this game is full of kicks in relation to multicolors. It also has an attractive small monkey character similar to Banana Rock slots.

From a classical 16th-century Chinese novel, the Monkey King became a character in numerous stories. He was born a monkey from a magical stone in the novel, and he transforms into flesh by practicing Taoism and acquiring legendary supernatural ability. He has great strength and speed, can change his form into different animals or objects, and is the most skilled warrior around. His hair and fur are also magical because they can transform themselves into other things or even copies of themselves. But that’s only a small fraction of what he is really capable of; this monkey embarks on many epic journeys involving magic powers, gods and immortality in the novel as well as other tales. The Monkey King has an interesting history full of color that spans generations giving it its place as one of China’s most famous figures in literature ever!

HoYeah Monkey Slot
HoYeah Monkey Slot

How to Play HoYeah Monkey Slots

As soon as you activate this colorful tiny slots game, the main screen with three reels will appear before your eyes where a red line runs through the center. It is the only payline that you have and three matching symbols must be lined up to win. The paytable is shown above the main screen giving all winning combinations and their worths. What comes after is an information bar under the reels screen that shows total bet per spin towards left, a welcome message in the middle and below it your total remaining credits on right hand side.

On your right side of the screen, there are five buttons. These include a spin speed up button, autospin menu, large spinning button and an expanding betting menu or help guide. This means that you can expand more information about a bet and have access to further details such as game rules or additional settings.

In addition to that, fast select buttons are situated in between the reel screen and the function buttons. You can change your bet value by clicking on the top one while the bottom button allows you to set your combination reward level between 1 and three.

Before turning the reels, employ the rapid adjuster or stake menu to stipulate amount and level of wagers. Once you alter your level, it will be revealed on the paytable. Then, press spin or put a sum in autospin and that’s it. The total bet per game round is bet Value X Level X Credit.

How To Win at HoYeah Monkey Slot

Matching three symbols on a single payline is all it takes to win at HoYeah Monkey. There are never more than three symbols on the screen at any time, so there will be no confusion about this. With different values for each symbol, you’ll get some bonuses beyond your original bet. Bananas are the most common type and there are three types of them. The smallest paying bananas are singles, twos go next then threes follow in that order. You may also win a minor prize by matching any of the 3 banana icons. A combo of three immortal peaches is the highest paying; if this combination appears in the topmost level, you can get as much as 2000x times your stake.

HoYeah Monkey Bonus Features & Free Spins

HoYeah Monkey is absolutely fuss free – no free spins, no bonus features, nothing! This is a simple and captivating slot game that just carries the basics required in video slots games; For this reason, it is great for beginners who may not understand scatter and wild symbols. It’s an ideal way of getting to know how slot machine games function minus all those corny gimmicks. Still, this doesn’t imply that professional gamblers won’t fancy trying it out as it is an adorable game with excellent RTP and regular winnings making it almost impossible not to adore their energetic slot jewel.

Max-win 600,000x
Volatility Medium
Top RTP 97

HoYeah Monkey Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

HoYeah Monkey is an RNG engine, and thus it does not allow for predictions and manipulation of results. This means that cheats or tricks are not possible. Moreover, in this game if you need tips on how to get the best outcomes, after a losing streak there will come a sequence of victories in the majority of cases. The dry spell usually lasts about 35 spins, but never exceeds 50.

HoYeah Monkey Demo Play / Free Play

HoYeah Monkey can be played in demo format on the Spade Gaming webpage. The free-to-play option enables you to test the game play before trying it out with real money. You begin with 2,000 credits and choose to experience all of the game’s components in a trial run. Alternatively, if you feel like tempting fate, you might want to stop by the no-cost slot machines.

HoYeah Monkey Slot On Mobile – Android, iPhones and Tablets

Any smartphone, device, or PC with a web browser can play HoYeah Monkey just like all Spade Gaming titles. These beautiful graphics and animations that will look great on any platform make HoYeah Monkey available for playing wherever you are in the world.

HoYeah Monkey Review & Rating

While simple and basic, this game is still exciting and highly captivating. The game is a fast-paced one and so easy to play, it’s awesome for players of all levels. The graphics are so cute that they look seriously adorable in their lovely brightness like cartoon characters, while the frequency of wins together with the high RTP ensures that this game is incredibly fun and unforgettable. It’s definitely one of the most enjoyable games we’ve reviewed, and as it’s now one of the most popular online casino games by Spade Gaming, it’s clear its players feel the same about it too.

Note: Spadegaming owns the trademark/license to HoYeah Monkey. This site is not affiliated with Spadegaming.


Can I play HoYeah Monkey slot for free?

Of course! If you wish, you can try out the free demo game on Spadegaming slots for free and get 2,000 game credits.

Does HoYeah Monkey have free spins?

No, HoYeah Monkey only uses the vital ingredients for a basic slot game; as such there are no free spins, special features or bonuses.

Can I win real money playing HoYeah Monkey?

Playing HoYeah Monkey for real money is possible at your preferred online gaming casino.

Can I download HoYeah Monkey slot?

HoYeah Monkey can be accessed on any device with a modern browser, and there is no need to install it.

Is HoYeah Monkey slot available on mobile?

HoYeah Monkey is available on all devices that can access the internet via browsers, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

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