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The Jackpot Sevens is an online slot that has been developed by NetGame Entertainment. It is a highly volatile slot with the RTP of 96.02% and top win of x200,000.b> Its features include jackpot, multiplier and free spin.

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Jackpot Sevens Review—Introduction

The Jackpot Sevens slot game gives a sneak preview of what the future holds for slot machines and we are all in love with it! The major part of the paytable consists of delicious and beautifully designed fruits. Players should expect huge rewards from melon and strawberry, whereas plum, lemon, and orange give little money.

If you are a fan of bonus features, then Jackpot Sevens is for you! There is a possibility of winning one of the two jackpots in Lucky 7’s and diamond scatters. However, just having jackpots is not enough for Jackpot Sevens.

A special star boost (received for landing enough stars) promises to reward players in different ways including multiple payouts and bonus turns, while free spins are also available! Jackpot Sevens feels extremely thrilling with all these activities happening here, who knows what comes next on your turn of the wheel?

If this has made you interested in participating, you can do it for free on NetGame Entertainment slots.

Jackpot Sevens ™ - Free Play in Demo Mode

Dive into the world of Jackpot Sevens ™ and enjoy our exclusive Free Play in Demo mode. You can try this exciting slot without spending money to see how it works, explore its paylines, features and bonus rounds at no risk. Find your strategy in Demo mode, comprehend game mechanics and define a winning betting system for your future play. Unlock the excitement without spending a dime as you engage in Free Play, immersing yourself in the entertaining universe of Jackpot Sevens ™.Discover the game's unique mechanics, visualize potential winning combinations, and master your gameplay strategy—all in a no-risk environment. Try your luck in Demo mode today and prepare for an exhilarating gaming experience when you're ready to make a splash with real wagers.

Theme, Graphics & Design

One need not go so far to see that the people at NetGame Entertainment have completely reimagined the original fruit-themed slot. A new look has been given to this game which is more simplified and focuses on what is current rather than outdated ideas.

The minimalist nature is what strikes you first. With no reels, the symbols just hang in space against a cracked stone backdrop. Although it might appear plain at first glance, upon closer inspection there are all sorts of creative touches. From wall cracks come the golden light that darts around and some other way.

Likewise, the fruits are designed in such a way that they appear 3D and have a faint golden line surrounding their edges. An out of breath, contemporary techno beat backs the action as it rises to cyberpunk heights, evoking raves. The Jackpot Sevens design has been given a lot of thought, we usually can’t give reviews if we can’t find any single design problem!

Jackpot Sevens RTP and Variance

Sometimes you may end up with nothing from Jackpot Sevens since it is highly volatile. The Return to Player (RTP) percentage, which is 96.02%, provides more confidence although it still falls slightly short of average rates. Of course, x200,000 as a maximum win is very attractive but not every gambler will achieve that sum in reality.

How to Play Jackpot Sevens

Jackpot Sevens may not be the simplest slot to figure out because of its numerous features and contemporary look, but our guide will assist you.

1. If you tap on the little golden “+” button, it will open a pop-up menu with the game buttons.

2. Use the speaker button to set sound levels.

3. To observe the payout table, bonus regulations and paylines push “i”.

4. This is one definitely positive thing about this app, you see, here there are easy ways to place bets: tapping + and -.

5. A central panel on the interface contains an autoplay function and a spin button. The autoplay feature allows you to execute up to a maximum of 1,000 rounds and has win/loss limits.

6. Before taking a spin, prepare a responsible budget!

Bet & Win Sizes

Betting starts from 0.20 Euro per spin and goes up to 50 per spin. Payouts are fairly evenly distributed, but the top normal win is of x8000 for five melon or strawberry combinations.

Standard symbols payout as follows:

Five melons = x 8000

Five strawberries = x 8000

Five cherries = x 4000

Five plums = x 4000

Five lemons = x 4000

Five oranges = x 4000

This very generous paytable on Jackpot Sevens is balanced by a correspondingly limited number of paylines: just five. This makes the x200,000 top win even more difficult to obtain, hence requiring huge doses of luck.

Max-win 100,000x
Volatility High
Top RTP 96.02%

Jackpot Sevens Bonus Features

There’s no doubt that the bonus features of Jackpot Sevens are the best thing about it. There is a wide variety available, so let us have a closer look at them.

Free spins

15 free rounds can be triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols, but that’s not all. The scatters that triggered the spins remain sticky throughout the game—not bad for a symbol of its value!

Scatter Jackpot

You can win up to x800 if you get five scatter symbols anywhere on the reels and it’s also the way to get the scatter jackpot. The jackpot is awarded by free spins, and for this round to conclude successfully, you have to hold 15 scatter symbols on the screen. This is not easy but you will have an opportunity of winning a mind boggling jackpot of x100,000 if you can achieve it.

Lucky 7s Jackpot

With the scatters paying out such a massive jackpot, it is important to note that Lucky 7s pay out an even bigger one which offers an enormous x200000 (that’s the top payout of the slot) in case you manage to hit 5. Nevertheless, victories with such an extent are not probable.

Star Boost

When playing free spins, small star symbols will appear. If a player manages to land 5 of them on a single row, he or she can win extra spins, multipliers or additional scatters.


The surprise factor is the main reason why Jackpot Sevens allures gamblers. Each spin has a plethora of bonuses that vary so much as to make it difficult to ever get bored, and one always expects more incentives from there.

Definitely, two slots are great selling ideas and free spins are sought after, but we liked the star bonus best. Suspense is what makes this feature unique. It is different from the others because it does not offer a fixed prize like jackpots or free spins; it leaves you guessing.

This game has so many features that there is too much to mention! Well, we can only advise you to try it personally because it promises to give each player a different experience.

The Jackpot Giant slot is also available to play for those who love chasing after big wins.

Disclaimer: The ownership of the Jackpot Sevens trademark/licence is vested on NetGame Entertainment. This website has not been authorized by NetGame Entertainment.


How do I win the scatter jackpot?

To win the scatter jackpot you need to fix 15 scatter signs onto your reels during this awesome feature.

How do I win the Lucky 7 jackpot?

You will have to collect 5 Lucky 7 symbols to get this jackpot.

What is the top prize on Jackpot Sevens?

The top prize for Lucky 7 jackpot is x200,000.

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