Kraken Deep Wins ™ – Review, Bonuses, Free Spins, Free Play in Demo Mode

Kraken Deep Wins is a slot game created by Nucleus Gaming that can be played on the internet. This game has five reels and three rows, as well as twenty paylines to create win lines with. It offers prizes of up to sixty times your bet size. Features in Kraken Deep Wins include free spins, Kraken Stick and Respin, multiplier wilds among others.

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Kraken Deep Wins Review – Introduction

This slot has mythology as its central theme, so try to plunge into the abyss. The paytable is largely made up of sea symbols such as the most valuable deep-sea diver, a blood-curdling Kraken, treasure chest, bottle, shark and boot.

At the bottom, a few seaweed-clad alphabets come up with lesser importance. The best thing about Kraken Deep Wins is definitely its Kraken Stick and Respin feature. Those who play online slots regularly know the feeling of disappointment that comes with an unsuccessful spin. But that’s okay on Kraken Deep Wins since any losing spin can give you a free respin!

That is why you should go for a swim, as there are also free spins lurking in the depths and plenty of multiplier and sticky wilds as well. Perhaps Kraken Deep Wins has a pretty little top win however it does come with 20 paylines and the 5×3 arrangement is a classic.

Nucleus Gaming slots will take you to the high seas. The Kraken is a sea monster that can be encountered in this game.

Kraken Deep Wins ™ - Free Play in Demo Mode

Dive into the world of Kraken Deep Wins ™ and enjoy our exclusive Free Play in Demo mode. You can try this exciting slot without spending money to see how it works, explore its paylines, features and bonus rounds at no risk. Find your strategy in Demo mode, comprehend game mechanics and define a winning betting system for your future play. Unlock the excitement without spending a dime as you engage in Free Play, immersing yourself in the entertaining universe of Kraken Deep Wins ™.Discover the game's unique mechanics, visualize potential winning combinations, and master your gameplay strategy—all in a no-risk environment. Try your luck in Demo mode today and prepare for an exhilarating gaming experience when you're ready to make a splash with real wagers.

Theme, Graphics & Design

The Kraken Deep Wins period is something we were so enthused about. At the reels’ one side, there’s an old school galleon, while on the other hand a deep sea diving costume. It was a time when science and myth existed together; explorers could go out to map unchartered waters and at the same time, know that they may encounter monsters in those deeps.

This is a fantastic game. The sense of potential and danger enveloping the entire sequence around Kraken Deep Wins creates quite an adventure. The beautiful ocean setting is there, and it has been mixed with symbols of different types. Sharks as well as the Kraken are seen alongside diving suits and treasure chests. Also, humanity versus the mythos theme is well brought out in this game and the music helps a lot.

The music for Kraken Deep Wins sums up all that is thrilling and dangerous about the ocean voyage. It implies both danger and great possibilities at the same time. There might be gold under the water, but you never know what waits for you down there! We just wanted a 2x spin option to make the journey more relaxed.

Kraken Deep Wins
Kraken Deep Wins

Kraken Deep Wins RTP and Variance

The RTP and variance of Kraken Deep Wins were not available, and the top payout is a little disappointing. With only x60, it is not among the best ones in the industry and will still be hard to win.

How to play Kraken Deep Wins

Kraken Deep Wins is no small challenge with a roaming sea beast and an infinite ocean to explore!

Before you leave the harbour, consult our brief guide.

  1. Kraken Deep Wins features some brilliant music, but it’s loud by default. All sound effects are adjustable at the bottom left via the speaker.
  2. The next button along expands the paytable so you’ll be able to see what the symbols are worth.
  3. The bet bar shows your current stake, which can be altered using the sliders.
  4. Autospin is at the far right of the screen. Players are free to ignore this feature altogether, but it allows a set number of automatic spins with limits on your balance.
  5. It’s easy to get carried away on any online slot, so keep things under control by setting a budget before you play.
  6. Press spin to dive!

Bet & Win Sizes

For the players who start small, Kraken Deep Wins has a minimum stake of 0.20 that is too appealing. Nevertheless, it fails to target high-rollers on its maximum bet levels. It is just 20; quite low for an upper limit. The highest payout of x60 is offered when you get five deep sea diving costumes together.

Since there is much more on the ocean floor, it would be a better idea to explore further.

Five diving suits = x 60

Five Krakens = x 24

Five treasure chests = x 16

Five bottles = x 12

Five sharks = x 12

Five boots = x 12

Five As = x 6

 Five Ks = x 6

Five Qs = x 4

Five Js = x 4

20 paylines are available on Kraken Deep Wins. Nucleus Gaming has made them unchangeable.

Kraken Deep Wins bonus features

The Kraken’s Stick and Respin

It was a peculiar and an unusual thing that is seldom found in any other online slots. The other feature of this game is that every time you do not win a spin, you may be given another chance to spin again. One random symbol will be sticky enhancing the possibility making multiple winning combos such as of the reels when they keep on spinning till one gains a win!

Free spins

Symbols of the diving bell dive into the Kraken’s world and give free spins. The player has to land three diving bells to get ten free spins. In this round, the anchor wilds become sticky and remain in their positions. Additionally, things become more fun if you happen to be able to get four of the diving bells. This time you will earn ten games with sticky wilds but addition to that, there is also a possibility for multiplier wilds to appear.

Our Verdict

Often, it feels like online slots reward you with bonus features but hardly pay attention to the base game. Kraken Deep Wins defies this convention in a big way. The fabulous Kraken’s Stick and Respin feature means that failure can turn to success in a flash.

Furthermore, the theme is well done by Nucleus Gaming in other areas excellently. Living in a world where science had just started gaining popularity and myths were still going strong but exploring the ocean was amazing. There has been little exploration of this epoch on online slots which makes its experience a new one too.

When players play Kraken Deep Wins, they will have plenty of reasons to take a dive. This is because the game offers free spins, multiplier wilds and sticky wilds.

He is ready for you, if you would like to meet again with the sea creature of monsters on play free Release the Kraken slot.

DISCLAIMER: Kraken Deep Wins is a trademark of Nucleus Gaming. This site is not affiliated with Nucleus Gaming in any way.


What is Kraken Deep Wins’ top win?

Kraken Deep Wins' top prize is x60.

Are Kraken Deep Wins’ paylines adjustable?

Paylines on Kraken Deep Wins are fixed at 20.

How many free spins does Kraken Deep Wins award?

The Kraken Deep can reward players with 10 complementary games upon landing 3 or more diving bells.

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