Mystery Joker 6000 ™ – Review, Bonuses, Free Spins, Free Play in Demo Mode

The traditional slot machines that inspired the entire online slot experience are very much loved by all of us. These games are even more fun with great bonuses to increase the chances of winning big money. Released in December 2017, Mystery Joker 6000 is one such slot from Play’n GO, a popular game developer. Read our complete review below to learn more about this game and its benefits for online slot players.

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Mystery Joker 6000 RTP (payout) & volatility

The RTP in Mystery Joker 6000 depends on different modes and it is a high volatile game. The super meter mode or the standard game mode determines how much RTP that game can offer. For the main game, there is an RTP of 94.21%; this goes up to as high as 100.95% when one is playing under Super Meter mode which is incredible!

With the high volatility of this game, you may need to keep spinning reels for a chance to hit it big. The biggest possible win in the entire game is 6000 multiplier.

Mystery Joker 6000 slot graphics & theme

Mystery Joker 6000 has a different theme in general, unlike most of the other play n go free slots that are based on classic slot machines. The entire game appears to gamblers in bright hues hence making it look even more appealing to the eyes. Besides, there is an interesting background sound track in play.

Don’t let the uncomplicated design of this game make you believe that it is like any other ordinary online slot machine. The Mystery Joker 6000 can be very strategic for gamers, who have opportunities to gamble their money and win more than they originally had. Those who enjoy how Mystery Joker 6000 looks should also check out Power Stars.

Mystery Joker 6000 Slot
Mystery Joker 6000 Slot

How to play Mystery Joker 6000 slots

At the very instance, the screen of the game shows up. What you can do thereafter is to change your chosen bet using the tab provided for coin value. There is a plus sign and a minus sign on both sides of the betting amount that you use in altering the bet. The minimum bet one can start with is 0.01 and it escalates gradually until it reaches 10.00 which is its highest point.

When the player selects their wager, it will be displayed on both the betting and coin sections of the game. All paylines presented in this game are always active and can’t be altered while playing. In addition, an auto play feature is available, which saves players who want to make several spins without clicking continuously on a button. Autoplay settings allow for spinning the reels a number of times between twenty and five hundred during gameplay.

The game takes place on the play tab after the initial bet has been made. Inside the game tab are various symbols that form the basis of the game. These encompass three stars, three sevens, three cherries, three melons, three grapes, three lemons and three bells. All these signs are reminiscent of typical fruit machines.

How to win at Mystery Joker 6000 slot

In a game of Mystery Joker 6000, the highest amount any player can win is 200 coins. Winning all prizes means having three of a kind like triple sevens on the payline.

Mystery Joker 6000 bonus features & free spins

All players must watch out for the joker mystery symbol. When it lands on the third reel, a player is given a free spin as reward. Additionally, landing two joker symbols on any of the reels wins a player a free spin.

Apart from winning free spins, Mystery Joker 6000 has two principal bonus features. The first one is the Mystery Wheel bonus that occurs in the main game mode. Once this is on, it can pay out random numbers of multipliers of amounts, which could be up to 6,000x the stake value. The bonus Mystery Wheel is activated by matching three joker symbols on the reels.

For a player to have a chance of winning huge sums of money, they have to enter into the Super Meter mode. There is a transfer button that enables the player to carry over all winnings earned in the main game. It should be noted that if you decide to take your money from the main game and put it in there, then you will not be able to change bet levels any more.

The bet placed will be doubled automatically, in Super Meter mode. This would provide players with a higher RTF rate as there are more chances of winning large sums of money. Never just press the transfer button without much thought about it because every spin in the super mode costs more compared to the main game.

Super Meter mode does not have the respin feature of the game, but a Mystery Wheel bonus can be activated by players with winnings that are larger. This will allow the players to multiply their bet up to 6000 times. Once this is reached, the main layout returns. To come out of Super Meter mode, press collect button and collect all wins and return to main game.

Max-win 6,000x
Volatility Low
Top RTP 96.97%

Mystery Joker 6000 tips, tricks, cheats and strategy

Before playing Mystery Joker 6000, the first thing is to determine a bankroll that will enable you to play the game. This is your in-game wallet that will be used for the sole purpose of playing the slots. A player’s bankroll will depend on their desired stakes – higher bets require more money in your bankroll.

Mystery Joker 6000 has another aspect that you should keep an eye on, the Return to Player (RTP) rate. RTP is higher in Super Meter mode but winning big prizes requires larger stakes due to its high volatility. Once a player starts losing repeatedly, it’s advisable to reduce the bet so as not to incur massive losses. The same happens when a player is winning; therefore, increasing the bet may be worth it.

Mystery Joker 6000 demo play / free play

With Mystery Joker 6000, you can play in a mode that is free. It is therefore the perfect game for beginners to learn the rules and wining approaches applied in this slot. One has to definitely play at least one free game before trying out Super Meter mode which requires bigger bets to play it.

To reach the free play mode, you have to select it from the main screen. In this mode there is no real money involved; instead, it operates with virtual cash that allows a player to practice without risking their own money on the game.

Mystery Joker 6000 slot on mobile – Android, iPhones and tablets

You can play the Mystery Joker 6000 on any mobile device like an Android or an iPhone through your browser online, because there is currently no app for it. It will be played directly on your mobile browsers without having to download any files, at all. However, provided a player has an internet connection that is strong and secure, there will be no difference in terms of graphical display or game play.

Mystery Joker 6000 review & rating

A player who is passionate about traditional slot games will find Mystery Joker 6000 to be a really enjoyable game. The Super Meter mode is a hit with high limit players who like the risk element. Perhaps, the only thing that can be criticised after playing this game is the mystery wheel feature. This feature of activating during the game has always landed on the lower wins meaning that it would be rather unlikely for one to get 6,000 times their initial bet. However, despite this, activating the wheel in reality is easy and frequent in super meter mode of the game

You may win quite good returns on the machine called Mystery Joker 6000, provided you are lucky and make a good strategy. Check out our Energy Casino review for more opinions on other Play’n GO games like Mystery Joker 6000.

Mystery Joker 6000 FAQs

Can I play Mystery Joker 6000 slot for free?

Certainly, Mystery Joker 6000 slot has a free play mode. You could find this mode in much the same way as you can find the main game or the Super Meter mode – by selecting it on this main game screen. This is perfect for newbies to Mystery Joker 6000 or even newbies to the whole world of online slots. When playing in this manner, players will be using virtual currency instead of real cash thereby enabling them practice and master game rules without risking any money they might have.

Does Mystery Joker 6000 have free spins?

This slot offers a chance to win a free spin once the third reel gets mystery joker or when two joker symbols appear on any of the reels. There are many chances for free spins during the Super Meter mode of the game; nonetheless, high stakes must be placed here and there is consequently an increased risk in playing with actual money.

Can I win real money playing Mystery Joker 6000?

Certainly, Mystery Joker 6000 can be a very profitable game. For those who prefer to play with higher stakes and to have a feeling of danger in the game but also want to win big, there is the Super Meter mode where players are awarded with huge multipliers. The basic game also includes such features as free spins that can give something back even at low stakes for gamblers. You will need to make this decision if you would like to use your winnings from the main game in the Super Meter mode. In case of choosing such an option, the bet sizes can no longer be changed unlike before when they get doubled in Super Meter mode automatically.

Can I download Mystery Joker 6000 slot?

As of now, this Mystery Joker 6000 slot has no option to download it and there is no app for mobile devices. However, some gaming platform providers have an option of downloading their platforms where Mystery Joker 6000 can be accessed. This helps in reducing the time taken during loading and it also enhances the graphics as well as overall play for a better experience.

Is Mystery Joker 6000 slot available on mobile?

Certainly, you can play Mystery Joker 6000 whenever required by simply utilizing a mobile browser. On a phone, mobile slots do not require downloading. As long as the player has a secure and fast internet connection, there will be no change in graphics or gameplay when playing it on a portable device.

Disclaimer: The trademark or license of the Mystery Joker 6000 game belongs to Play ‘N’ Go. This site is not affiliated with them in any way.

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