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If you desire a no-nonsense slot endowed with numerous chances of winning, then Quick hit should be your game. This is a fun slot designed by Bally technologies that has five reels and thirty paylines. The theme is not complicated, the graphic is fairly moderate – this however, is one of the most famous slots on Bally’s part. If you try it out, the reasons are obvious – many payouts are in its pocket; different extra features and symbols make it attractive to players and even an opportunity to win big progressive jackpot if lucky enough.

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Quick Hit overview

Quick Hit is a popular slot machine that has lots of cool features. It is the first game of Quick Hit series, which includes Quick Hit Platinum, original Quick Hit, Quick Hit Stars and Bars, and Playboy Platinum Quick Hit in that order.

It is very wide in terms of the way one can win in this game, and the betting range is also big. Thus, they can spin reels at a minimum price of 0.30 or as high as 3.00. This means that it is suitable for both low budget players and high rollers.

Several interesting features come with the game, such as a progressive jackpot, which can award more than 15 thousand pounds to players who stake the maximum amount. To successfully win rewards from the progressive jackpot, at least five jackpot symbols must appear on any of the reels.

Another game free feature will be activated if you get at least three symbols of the free game in the reels. Other features of bonus include scatters, multipliers and wilds. Lastly, there is a Quick Hit sign that can make you recover your first wager.

Quick Hit graphics

While Quick Hit is a very popular game, it does not have updated graphics and animations. In fact, the graphics in Quick Hit are quite simple and this is not necessarily a bad thing, while at the same time giving a retro vibe that may remind you of the classic slots if you have been playing for some time.

The slot game has a typical fruit theme and it is loaded with bright colored jewels in orange, blue, green, yellow, red and purple. There are also some lucky seven and bar symbols that make the retro feeling even stronger.

Perhaps, you may be surprised when you take a look back. Quick Hit does not conform to the common fruit theme employed in most slots. The background features stunning celestial giants and the game has a relaxing spacey soundtrack that blends well with the background.

In Quick Hit, the graphics combine old and new styles to create something simple yet beautiful. Most importantly, they are not too distracting. Therefore, it is easy to interact with the game when you play it.

Quick Hit symbols

Quick Hit has ordinary and unusual signs, the latter being colored gems. Also, there is a stacked wild symbol on Quick Hit Platinum which can fill all reels of the game. Another necessary sign: scatter, and free spins bonus logo. It’s worth to pay such symbols attention as they can greatly increase your winnings!

Another important aspect of each icon is the frequency at which it appears on the reels. Here are some statistics about the most common symbols:

– 64.85% bars and stars – 50.19% white and black sevens – Black and gold wild: 40 per cent. – Triple Blazing Sevens Jackpot: 50 per cent

How to play Quick Hit

If you have been playing slots for some time, then it is pretty straightforward to play Quick Hit. The reason is that this game has a fairly average structure which allows players to win in one direction and thus it is not so complicated.

The game sets the bet range starting at 0.01 up to 10; this makes it vary too much. If you have a small budget, you can reduce it and play for fun; if you are willing to take higher risks, you may increase your wager value in anticipation of a better win.

In order to begin moving the reels, set the amount you wish to wager. You can do this by pressing the roundabout arrows on your control panel; if you press +, you will raise your stake and if you press -, it will decrease. Then when you feel comfortable with the amount of money that you have put into the game, click on spin button to play; otherwise, there is an autoplay feature too in case one likes it more. Which means that, for example 50 or 100 times can be chosen so that this way playing automatically would go while leaving a laptop for some other things. This is splendid for multi-tasking players who have no time!

When gaming, one symbol you should watch out for is that of the jackpot. It’s a wild symbol in the game which can be used to make a winning combination by matching with other symbols on a payline.

The scatter symbol for the game is represented by the Quick Hit logo and can be used to form scatter wins. You will need to land at least three scatter symbols to form a win; in addition, you can make even bigger matches for a higher payout. For instance, if you spin nine scatter symbols on one reel, this will earn you 2,000 times your bet! This is really something amazing hence be on the look out for it.

The game finally has a bonus symbol that is able to initiate the free games feature. The feature can pay you plenty of no-cost spins. This, thus, should be an interesting feature for you if enjoy the costless ones. You can get this feature by landing three or more bonus icons on reels 2, 3 and 4. After this, the game will commence; it’s a pick’em style game with a huge grid. Every of these grids holds potentially one prize and you may select specific grids to reveal what prize is there behind them only. Finally, this round depends on luck basically; in fact, you could end up winning several multipliers plus much free spins if really lucky!

Quick Hit progressive jackpot

One of the standout special features in Quick Hit is definitely the progressive jackpot. The game displays this at the top as you play it, and it’s usually an impressively high amount that will surely keep you going!

It is important to note that this is an internal, not an external progressive jackpot, which means it only accumulates jackpots from one particular casino. As a result of this, there is a chance that the progressive jackpot may not be unbelievably high; however, it is probable that it still represents a very generous jackpot. In previous games, someone won up to £15,000 during the feature round of the game therefore you should definitely try and activate this when possible.

Max-win 5,000x
Volatility Medium
Top RTP 94.06%

Quick Hit RTP

The RTP for Quick Hit is 94.05 per cent, which means that for every £100 spent on the game, it pays out £0.9405 when played over any extended period of time. This number represents a theoretical rate and it is generated by computer software to provide gamblers with an overview of what they are likely to earn as rewards on gambling.

It is quite low at 94.05%; however, it is not bad as such. This denotes that quick hit has low volatility and pays frequently but in small amounts as opposed to the low volatility slots where the wins are usually high. It implies that the game is not too dangerous even though the RTP may appear lower. Besides, it shows that one does not have to spend a lot before their first win thus making it ideal for players who do not have much money with them.

How to win at Quick Hit

To make a winning combo in Quick Hit, you just have to align three similar symbols on one line. This is the same as most slot games, so if you’ve played any slots before, you would be aware of this.

By and large, several trophies may seem to be quite minute. Indeed for those who mostly make matches of normal symbols it seems so. All the same, Quick Hit provides plenty of frequent payouts. Another thing is that while you will have a small amount won as your prize money, you will win many times during one game. This means playing and seeing your earnings rise at a slower pace than in most games which is very thrilling for the majority of players. Moreover, special symbols can activate bonus games where players stand a chance of winning much more money.

If this is not your cup of tea, you may prefer high-variance slot machines with larger payouts. However, these games are also risky and are therefore mostly suitable for high rollers and individuals who can afford to take a risk!

Free spins in Quick Hit

The principal Quick Hit game does not have free spins, but if you can start the free games bonus feature then you will have a great opportunity to win a lot of them. You may obtain over ten spins per spin in this feature; therefore, when it comes to free spins, Quick Hit is very generous.

One thing you have to know is that the bonus game can only be triggered during the main game, because if this does not happen, there will be no free spin for you to win. Happily, it is quite an easy task to activate the free spins bonus feature while playing; besides, multipliers can be won in this round.

No deposit Quick Hit

Previously, the main problem was to find free slot machines which could be played and won money on, but today there a little more games like that. Unfortunately, Quick Hit does not provide any no deposit wins, but this is not always a negative thing. Besides—it is only new slots that can have it! However players are often reluctant to try out these new slots!

Quick Hit is not a new slot; in fact, it is one of the most popular slots ever created by Bally. This is due to all the generous bonus features and frequent wins. You can’t win money on Quick Hit if you don’t make a deposit, but you can play it for money. You can also play the game for free, but you won’t be able to win money if you do this.

The truth is that Quick Hit doesn’t have to solicit for players’ attention because it is a popular game.

Quick Hit on mobile – Android, iPhones and tablets

In case you are interested in a game that you can play on your phone or tablet, then Quick Hit is the game for you. It works well on mobile and tablet devices because it has been fully optimized for them hence it doesn’t matter which device you have since it can be played on any device.

I must add that slot games are quite heavy on your mobile phone, especially because of the graphics and the sound of music. Fortunately, Quick Hit does not employ animation or intricate images thus no headache if for instance you are using an outdated mobile.

But if you’re looking to play from your smartphone or tablet, we’d suggest you find a secure internet connection first. This is because you will need a strong connection to play the game without it cutting out. After all, no one wants a slot to disconnect when they are playing, especially if they have just managed to bag themselves an impressive win!

That’s why we advise you to choose a good Wi-Fi network instead of 3G or 4G. So that you’re more likely to play the slot on the phone with a robust signal.

Not to worry if you prefer playing on your PC or laptop; Quick Hit is optimized for all devices, which means it can easily be played from your computer or laptop in the simplest of terms without having to download anything – just open the game and start playing! It’s great if you are one of those players who like to play slots on a big screen.

Fair gaming

Fair gaming is what we do at Slots Temple, that’s why our casino is fully licensed and all our games are regularly tested.

Each game is tested before uploading so that it will not be unfair to the players who use it, and we have them all on our website. That means that any game of slots a user plays on our site is honest and unprejudiced. In any case, fair gambling would guarantee that everyone enjoys gambling!

Responsible gaming

We also understand the importance of responsible gambling; hence we have put several measures in place on our website to assist you remain in control during play.

We have some few gameplays that would follow for players intending to keep on playing safely as they turn reels with Quick Hit. Make sure you plan ahead before starting your play, think about how much money you want to spend and set a time limit in advance. This will make it easier for you to keep track of time and not overspend.

Besides, you should realize that you can only stake funds that you are willing to let go – never use money for your dwelling or other needs.

There is a great temptation to keep playing after you have had a bad game, but if your time is up or you are out of money, stop. Please note that even on another day, it is possible to do the same.

Many gamers also find it helpful to stay focused when you’re playing. A few drinks might sound like a good idea, however if you are drunk or tipsy,you will just make rash decisions and overspend more.

In case you are uneasy about betting activities, we can be of assistance. In order to ensure that players indulge in responsible gambling, our casino has implemented various measures wherein each player can review their account history to determine the amount spent and the length of time they were engaged for. This is aimed at making players objective and truthful with themselves regarding their betting patterns.

In addition, you may also reach our customer care department to fix up a maximum amount of money that can be deposited in your account. This is ideal for gamblers who are concerned about the rates, as such, it allows one to decide what limits they want. In this sense, it is personalized according to your needs and resources.

Additionally, it is feasible to establish time constraints on your account to avoid excessive playing periods. This can be highly helpful for gamblers who are prone to getting immersed into the game and not realizing how much time they have spent even with a schedule in place.

After a long period of time, players are able to communicate with the customer service and request for a temporary discontinuation of their accounts. In such cases, you will find it impossible to sign in during some timeframe, this might be considered as the best option for gamblers who suffer from addiction.

Furthermore, we prevent children and teenagers from accessing our Web pages. As well as that, every person who wants to play in our casino has to prove their age and if they are below 18 years of age their account will not be accepted by us.

Plenty of protective measures have been put in place here at Slots Temple since gambling is a great pastime if one is accountable. To see how we might assist, give us a call now if you feel that your betting habits are getting out of control.

Quick Hit free play

If you decide that Quick Hit is a game you want to play and you have never played it before, then it could be helpful for you to first spin the reels for free. One of the best things about this approach is that it enables you to get more knowledge on the game, which would make your chances of winning easier once you decide to play for real money. This is especially critical for new players who have never engaged in such games since they will give them an idea on where to start from rather than taking risks at once.

We propose that players spin not less than a hundred free spins on a slot prior to playing for cash because this will help you to understand more about the bonus rounds and special symbols. In addition, this will enable you determine whether Quick Hit is your type of slot or not.

Certainly, if you decide to do this, use the same bet amount as you would if it were money at stake. By doing so, it will provide a good indication of the kind of prize money that can be won in such games.

To make it more useful, you can also create a list of slots that you find outstanding when playing them for free. With this, you get to learn more about the type of slots that interest you; perhaps they are the fast-paced ones with many bonus rounds or traditional games without much bonus features.

Other Quick Hit games

When we said Quick Hit is a very popular game, we were not joking; in fact, this game has become so popular that Bally designed many more games with a similar theme of Quick Spin. These games include Quick Hit Pro, Quick Hit Platinum, Quick Hit Las Vegas and the newer addition like Quick Hit Black Gold among others.

All of these games have the same theme and a range of comparable features; nevertheless, there are some slight deviations among them. For instance, each game has different bonuses in it. For example, if you love Quick Hit and are looking for something fresh to try, then you should try another Quick Hit game version. Having said that though all the quick hit games do come with high quality graphics and a great sound track, so they are well worth checking out especially if you love spinning the reels with quick hit.

If you enjoy Quick Hit, you’ll love…

Quick Hit is a very popular slot, so we understand if you want to find similar slots that are just as much fun. Here’s a few slots from different developers that can be fun for you after playing Quick Hit

Tut’s Twister

Tut’s Twister is an amazing slot game developed by Yggdrasil Gaming that has a fruit theme from Quick Spin and it also has a historical Egyptian setting. Both of them have many paylines; in fact, Tut’s Twister has a total of 25 of them and the gameplay is not so different. It also has an expanding wild symbol which can be triggered if at least two wilds are landed on the reels.

Dwarfs Gone Wild

Quickspin’s Dwarfs Gone Wild is a fun slot that has the same number of paylines as Quick Hit, i.e. 30. The game also comes with many symbols and some bonus features that lead to greater chances of winning.

Beach Life

Should you be an enthusiast of progressive jackpots in slot machines, Beach Life is just the game for you. The popular slot game by Playtech, Beach Life, offers a huge progressive jackpot, that usually amounts to £3 million. Among the highest ever jackpot wins is £8m while the least amount that can be won is around £500,000. So though this could change your life for good, it does not make the game any less exciting without striking a jackpot. The game is based on surfing and has cool extra features capable of entertaining players’ attention over long periods of time.

MegaBall Progressive Jackpot

The MegaBall Progressive Jackpot is yet another progressive jackpot slot developed by Playtech. Generally, you can expect to win an average of £400,000 jackpot prize which is incredible but if the fortune plays its part extra money can be won. The bonus features on this game are also very creative and as such, even without reaching the jackpot you will possibly have a lot of fun.

If you want a change, then consider trying slots with similar features to Quick Hit; they are worth playing.

Quick Hit conclusion

Since gambling has a great significance to our casino, we attempt to offer a comprehensive study about each and every slot that exists in our platform. This way, it is easier for you to determine whether the game suits your taste.

By the time we finished reviewing Quick Hit, it was quite difficult for us to find anything bad about this game. It’s true that the graphics are not top-notch, but then they are not bad either; they just appear plain. Furthermore, since they fit perfectly well with the retro theme of the game, anyone who has ever yearned for a nostalgic slot machine would be so much thrilled by it. The graphics might not suit everyone’s taste but there is no doubt about their quality and many players will actually enjoy them more than an ultra-modern flashy graphic you can find on most new slots.

The game also has many pleasant bonus features and special signs. It has both wild and scatter that can be used to activate bonus games as well as huge cash prizes.

The game is also very generous and a lot of fun to play. There are numerous bonuses available in this game, one of which is the free game feature that comes with multipliers and free spins.

The most outstanding thing about this game is none other than the progressive jackpot. The presence of progressive jackpots in a game always adds extra excitement and that is why this jackpot is very exciting. Players have won hundreds of thousands of pounds from the progressive jackpot before now. Maybe it could be you, the next winner!

The incessant payouts we adore as well, keeps things ticking over nicely and definitely makes the game more enjoyable.

Without any doubt, Quick Hit has passed the test of time. The game was launched some years back and it is still very much popular. If you want a top-notch game with many free spins and a progressive jackpot, then you will definitely enjoy spinning around Quick Hit reels.

To transform this game, I would have added more distinguishing marks. Though the wild symbols and scatter symbols make it quite entertaining, adding special symbols would make the main game even more amusing. Furthermore, it is easy to trigger bonus rounds and very few players will stay through out the game in the main game.

Most people will like this Quick Hit game. After all, who doesn’t love free spins, multipliers and progressive jackpots?

About Bally

If you are into slot machines and have been a player for some time, you probably already know about Bally. The company has been in existence for a long time now as it was established more than eighty five years ago when it came up with a wooden pinball game. It became successful so they began making other games.

Over the years, this firm has grown, expanded and is now one of the most famous developers. In fact, some of those products have earned awards because they generated hundreds of games with innovative technology and high-quality graphics.

Bally designs games with both the casino and the player in mind. All of its games are also licensed and tested for fairness. This means you can play any Bally game without having to worry about being defrauded.

In its collection of slots, Bally has some famous mainstream and other offbeat games. The three most favored games in this category are Blazing 7s, Quick Hit, and Hot Shot. Furthermore, many others were based on globally renowned entertainment brands such as Wonder Woman, Playboy or Betty Boop.

Quick Hit FAQ

Can I play Quick Hit for free?

You can play Quick Hit for free before you play with real cash. That way you will get to understand better what the bonus features and special symbols of this game are. But if you consider playing it for free, there is no need to create an account or give out your billing data; just open it and start gaming.

Does Quick Hit have free spins?

Yes, it is possible to win free spins in Quick Hit. Though the main game does not enable you to win free spins, there will be an opportunity for you to get free spins and multipliers when the bonus game begins.

Can I win real money while playing Quick Hit?

You can indeed win money when you play Quick Hit. In order to do this, you will need to create an account here at Slots Temple. To achieve this, go to the homepage and click on the sign-up button that will then lead you through the sign-up process. You should also furnish certain personal details about yourself including your address and telephone number as well. You may therefore create a valid payment method like your online banking information or PayPal account after opening it.

It should not take this process for long. After finishing it, you will be able to deposit and start playing for real money!

Do you have any Quick Hit tips or cheats?

Unfortunately, players cannot ensure they will profit from playing Quick Hit or any other slot machine on our platform. The reason for this is that the game has to have an RNG (random number generator), a mechanism employed in order to guarantee an absolutely fair and unbiased outcome of the game. Thus, it means that a player can never know what will be the outcome of the game.

It may be annoying but it is actually for the benefit of both the casino and the player because it prevents any cheating. Be assured that when you play our casino games, you will always win.

A suggestion we would give to players is making a predetermined budget before beginning the game. In this manner, regardless of whether you lose or not, your session will never end on a sour note. Also, it keeps you from going after your losses which is quite essential for those gamblers who have tight budgets.

Can I play Quick Hit with no deposit?

Definitely, you can play Quick Hit without depositing but you will only be able to play for free and won’t win any money.

Can I download Quick Hit?

Every Bally game is made available as an HTML5 slot game which implies that you could play them on any device, be it your mobile, tablet or laptop, without being required to download anything. Just log in, select the game and begin playing.



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