Regal Fruits 20 ™ – Review, Bonuses, Free Spins, Free Play in Demo Mode

Regal Fruits 20 is an online slot game designed by Amigo Gaming. The game has five reels with three rows each and twenty paylines, a RTP of 96.45%, and it is characterized by low volatility. This classic fruit-themed slot game includes wilds and scatters.

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Amigo Gaming, based in Barcelona, Spain is the developer of Regal Fruits 20, which is a fruit-themed slot game. This implies that demo versions of Amigo Gaming slots are now available globally on the internet.

Being a traditional fruit-based game, Regal Fruits 20 would always be compared to the numerous similar games like Magic Crown by CT Gaming but the demand for this format among players is still high. Therefore, it is good to have access to demo slots which will give one an opportunity to decide whether they like or not.

Regal Fruits 20 features a five-reel grid with three rows and twenty paylines. The betting limits are from twenty to twenty thousand, and there are eight ordinary signs: lucky seven, watermelon, grapes, bell, plum, orange, lemon and cherries. The gold stars or gold coins are the scatters while the crown is the wild.

Regal Fruits 20 ™ - Free Play in Demo Mode

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Theme, graphics and soundtrack

Amigo’s Regal Fruits 20 takes a more traditional approach, and its target audience seems to be the conventional gamers, who are willing to face self-imposed constraints. Unlike other fruit-themed games that have diversified their content with unusual locales and novelty icons, Amigo has fully complied with their usual model. Besides it still has not even condescended into making it look like a casino game. The background is almost absent; being only the entirety of a deep textured red wall covering. Although it is very basic shading gives some depth to it. Very basic shading provides some sense of depth to the backdrop but most of what makes up its composition is merely texture. The reels are contained in an extremely simple gold frame and spins as simple images without any excesses whatsoever. It barely has any animation at all.

The soundtrack is also very minimalist – simply single notes played in a repetitive manner during the slot spin, when wild symbol appears it is accompanied with short choral sound; and an applause and money falling for a win. No doubt, fans of this type of gaming machine will find it useful. It’s not exactly an eyeful but it does what it was intended to do.

Regal Fruits 20
Regal Fruits 20

Regal Fruits 20 RTP and variance

The Return to Player (RTP) of Regal Fruits 20 is 96.45% which, again, is slightly above average. However, it has low variance.


How to play Regal Fruits 20

  1. Click the cog settings icon to call up the bet wheel. Drag the wheel to set your bet from 20 to 20,000. You can also access the bet menu by clicking the coins icon and using the plus and minus symbols to change the bet.
  2. Click ‘auto’ to enter the autoplay menu. This is where you can choose a number of automatic spins from five to infinity. The autoplay counter that appears above the credit balance tells you how many autospins are remaining. Press the button again to exit autoplay.
  3. The balance meter to the bottom left of the screen displays your constantly updated current balance.
  4. Click the spin button or press the spacebar to start playing using the current total bet value.
  5. Wilds substitute for all symbols except scatters. They appear on reels two, three and four and expand vertically to complete combinations.
  6. We encourage safe gambling and advise you to always play responsibly. If you are playing for money, you should make sure you keep within the limits of what you can afford. When it stops being enjoyable, you should leave the game.

Bet sizes and paytable wins

Minimum bet size is 20 and maximum bet size is 2,000. The highest payout is 2,000,000.

The lowest number of matching symbols that can be used to obtain a winning combination is three. The top paying ones, including the scatter coin, are as follows:

  • Lucky seven = 3,000
  • Scatter star = 2,000
  • Watermelon, grapes = 500
  • Scatter coin (3) = 400
  • Bell = 200
  • Plum, orange, lemon, cherries = 100

Regal Fruits 20 bonus features

If you do not count the wilds and scatters, there is nothing else to be taken into account.

Regal Fruits 20 review: our verdict

We prefer slightly a less conventional game. This does not mean, however, that anything with an elaborate theme is always better because there are some all-singing, all-dancing duds out there.

The desires to sustain the traditional fruit slot have some kind of a silent grandeur about them and without doubt there is an enduring market for such. Our thinking, however, suggests that if you are going to take this age-old model as it is, then you should at least make it visually and audibly memorable. Sure enough, gameplay is king but don’t we need something else to keep our interest?

Regal Fruits 20’s RTP is good and the payouts are excellent, though high variance tends to make them rare. We cannot take issue with its straightforwardness at all; still, we wish it had a little more oomph.

Note: Amigo Gaming owns the Regal Fruits 20 trademark/license. This site is not supported by Amigo Gaming.


What are the RTP and variance?

The RTP percentage is 96.45, which is a little bit above the average. The level of variance is medium.

What does RTP actually mean?

RTP is an acronym which means Return to Player. It calculates the average percentage return that a player can expect over the long run. This figure has been calculated at all prize levels and it shows how big wins are always offset by far more frequent but smaller losses.

What does variance mean?

Variance is the term that originated from poker and has later been applied to slots as an indicator of how often and how much one can win. High variance means getting huge but infrequent wins; low variance implies regular small prizes.

Are the spin results really random?

Sure, all the twists in the diversion are controlled by random number generator (RNG) algorithms, which basically means that one is not able to interfere with or control the outcome. The player’s luck on virtual slot machines is similar to those regarding physical ones it is entirely random and cannot be manipulated.

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