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Space XY is a slot game released on the internet by BGaming. It has an RTP of 97% and medium volatility. Space XY, played on a strange grid with dual bets available for each spin, is a game you can win as long as your nerves will take it.

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From BGaming, Space XY is a new and revolutionary online slot that takes players to the Final Frontier. You will need to identify the perfect moment at which you can jump off the space shuttle for your winning odds to be multiplied onscreen. Nonetheless, if you wait too much time, your bet will be forfeited completely.

Space XY ™ - Free Play in Demo Mode

Dive into the world of Space XY ™ and enjoy our exclusive Free Play in Demo mode. You can try this exciting slot without spending money to see how it works, explore its paylines, features and bonus rounds at no risk. Find your strategy in Demo mode, comprehend game mechanics and define a winning betting system for your future play. Unlock the excitement without spending a dime as you engage in Free Play, immersing yourself in the entertaining universe of Space XY ™.Discover the game's unique mechanics, visualize potential winning combinations, and master your gameplay strategy—all in a no-risk environment. Try your luck in Demo mode today and prepare for an exhilarating gaming experience when you're ready to make a splash with real wagers.

Theme, Graphics & Soundtrack

The gaming display makes the title look great and it is designed in such a way that it resembles an aircraft control console, complete with radar lines.

The music and sound effects are immersive, combining gentle synths with rocket engines and explosions at the time.

Space XY
Space XY

Space XY RTP and Variance

Space XY’s RTP is 97%, which is higher than most online slot titles. However, such contrasts are irrelevant when considering a game like Space XY due to its unconventional gameplay. Given space xy’s unusual gameplay, the medium volatility of this title is probably going to generate good balance in it but since how much you win depends on your guts as well as the randomness within the name, that cannot be measured.

How to Play Space XY

  1. The traditional advice when opening a new online slot title is to take a look at the rules and paytable. In the case of Space XY, this is vital. This game is not played on traditional reels: in fact, there are no reels included whatsoever. Study the rules, which are found by clicking the three-line menu in the top left of the reels, and then click the open book icon which appears.
  2. Set your X and Y bet by clicking on the bet amounts which appear below the flight path display. These will either set your bet for the round about to begin or the next round if a flight is already in progress.
  3. Once the game is in play, cash out by clicking the X and Y Cashout buttons. The amount you will cash out will be displayed on the button, rising by the factor displayed in the centre of the screen. In order to successfully cash out, you must press the cashout button before the rocket explodes.
  4. Next to the bet icon is an auto cashout icon, which allows you to set an amount at which you will cash out automatically. These amounts run up to 10x the initial bet, starting at 1.05x.
  5. You do not have to bet on both the X and Y axis on any round. You could in fact bet on one or the other. You could choose to sit out a few rounds to see how the game plays prior to staking anything on a flight.
  6. You can set up to 1,000 flights to run automatically or even select infinite spins. During autospins, you must click the cashout buttons in order to win, as you would in regular play. This is vital to your autospins being successful. Otherwise, you must set the cashout amounts to appropriate levels.
  7. Please play Space XY responsibly by ensuring that you are always setting an affordable and sensible budget for any play session. Remember that chasing losses is never a good idea and that whilst this title is different from most other games, it is still an online slot which is still geared up to make money for the house. When the fun stops, stop.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Just spend 1 or 2 dollars per play, so you can begin at a minimum of $1 or $2 a spin.

For every spin, it is possible to bet a maximum of 100.00 such that; in one spin you could spend up to 200.00.

There is no provision of amounts in the pay table, so it is difficult to determine the maximum win. Occasionally, winnings of 70x the stake have been noted during play but, these are rare events and by no means represent what the maximum win per round could be.

Max-win 10,000x
Volatility Medium
Top RTP 97%

Space XY Bonus Features

Paytable does not display bonus features while none appear during the game either. This is a different kind of online slot, so the absence of bonus rounds should not be unexpected because standard features like nudges, free spins and cascading symbols would be out of place in this type of video slot.

Space XY Review: Our Verdict

There is hardly any other online slot as new and playable as this one, with its exceptional design. The name reminds us of those classic games that require you to take a chance but at the same time, still maintain your feet on the ground.

One potential problem with this is that, players could be made to feel like they have to keep playing in order to try and get the big wins on higher levels, even if it means spending too much money and playing even when they are already losing. Always remember that the house always wins especially online slots.

Disclaimer: The Space XY trademark / license is owned by BGaming. This site is not supported by BGaming.


Can I play Space XY for free?

Bgaming slots have also released a free play version of Space XY, before you think of staking your money on this title, check it out and see it’s gameplay that is very different from what we are used to. Check our list of the free play demo slot games for more free titles.

Are there other space themed titles I can try?

In case you are interested in the exploration of the final frontier, but prefer a more conventional online slot machine, then have a look at this simple slot from Net Ent called Starburst. This video slot features five reels and ten pay lines that are always on with payouts of up to 250 times the wagered amount.

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