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Spartas Honor is a 50-line, 3×5-reel slot game by SimplePlay with an RTP of 96.38% and a progressive jackpot to draw in players with the theme of antiquity and great gameplay. Is this thing history? Keep reading.

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Game theme & storyline

The Honor of Sparta is a clear antiquity, one that takes place on ancient Greek Sparta. It seems to us that there is the likelihood of an impending war between the king and queen while the army of Greeks soldiers seeks to protect their name. Other than this, it shows several warriors ready to defeat leadership by use of their heavy weapons and armours. Two royals who have red clothes and golden leaf crowns are juxtaposed with gladiators represented in shoes made from leather bound with wristbands and shins guards made of metal; besides, one of them looks like Gerard Butler in 300 film! Besides, they put on angry faces which had been gotten after years in captivity under this detestable kingship!

Sparta was one of the mightiest polis in ancient Greece, so that is why every young spartan had to be trained into a great warrior – it was in them. Their physical and psychological resilience helped them overcome the harshest life conditions and come out victorious even when dealt with impossible challenges. They believed that their family, honour, courage and dignity were above all other things; they didn’t care about anything else. In fact there was nothing they feared or would not fight against. REWRITE One of the most powerful city-states among ancient Greeks was Sparta; hence every young spartan needed rigorous training to make him/her an excellent fighter – it ran through their veins. They used their physical and mental powers to survive under harsh conditions and emerged unscathed no matter what the world threw at them. To these people, family mattered more than anything else as did honor, bravery, and self-respect; nothing else counted for anything. There wasn’t anything they dreaded or wouldn’t fight for.

What are the most treasured things in your life, and for the sake of what you could put it all in danger? Is it love, family, honour or something other?

Graphics & sound

In terms of audio, Sparta’s Honor takes the cake with a massive on-theme soundtrack playing in the backdrop while you spin the reels. By pressing a button, it will seem to you as if you are right there in the middle of an epic film just about to start fighting your greatest battle ever. Just think that you are back on horseback galloping towards glory across ancient Greek plains. As your eyes stay focused on the target, ears can listen to various melodies of action songs that motivate and push people forward.

The game is also visually stunning. As such, it represents Sparta through a display of white painted buildings. In the background, you can see beautiful Greek temples, statues and stones as well as beaches with rivers. The colours show Greece we know even to this day-land: white and skies: blue. It therefore does not come as a surprise that warriors would like to fight for ownership of this land which is very beautiful

Additionally, the reels look amazing, having realistic characters and symbols. There are even some standard playing cards like a metal hat you can see here. Those card letters give it a little bit of life and help to make it less boring. The modern game controls are very visible and include bronze, silver, and gold fonts that indicate important information.

How to play

We bet you can’t wait to put your open-toed shoes into the game and get started with this great title from the list of SimplePlay Slot Machines.

To play, you have to press the ‘play’ button to spin the reels and find winning combinations. They enable you to see the value of each icon on the game’s payable. It is advisable that at first you should play for free in order to have a sense of what it takes such as knowing different types of possible winning combinations.

Developers of the game have coined a very appealing slogan for Spartas Honor: spin with courage, win with glory. Glorious is the feeling that you get when you play this game.

Bonus features

Double Prize

The top paying symbol pays twice.

Free Game feature

No less than three free game features exist in Spartas Honor. It is possible for the top payout symbol to be a wild symbol within the first two of these games, and for you, there would be 2x multiplier, which means that it can double your winnings in the last round.

RTP & volatility

Return to player (RTP) for Sparta’s Honor is an impressive 96.38%.


It might not be a high scorer in popularity, but we believe this is only because SimplePlay has not had as much exposure as its rivals in the slots business. If it did, Spartas Honor would definitely get people talking and fighting for their own glory and honor.

Spartas Honor is a generally enjoyable play, with an excellent theme that has been brilliantly realized and some impressive features to take advantage of.

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How many reels does Spartas Honor have?

Sparta’s Honor, a 3×5-reel and 50-line slot.

Does Spartas Honor have a bonus game?

True, Spartas Honor has several extra features. These include two times multiplier for the highest paying symbol and stackable payout symbols; also it has three free spins modes.

What is the RTP of Spartas Honor?

Spartas Honor has an RTP of 96.38 per cent.

Can I play Spartas Honor for free?

Affirmatively, you can! Play here at Slot Temple to get a feel of all the latest free games.

What other games might I know by this developer?

SimplePlay has a wide range of games with different themes, including but not limited to Dragon Slayer, Gold of Egypt, Zeus, Cage Fight and Lucky Clover.

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