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Part of a new generation of slot games, Spinball from Tom Horn Gaming is a modern version of the classic pinball arcade game. It is hugely exciting but at the same time very easy with an RTP of 96 per cent, low volatility and a top prize of 1,400.

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Spinball RTP (payout) & volatility

This particular game has a 96% RTP (return to player) ratio, hence it is a low volatile game. It means that you get wins almost every time; in fact, such wins are so frequent that there is hardly any round where you don’t win something.

Spinball slot graphics & theme

There is a retro-styled video game that has a pinball machine in the middle of its screen and an attractive cosmic background. The game adopts extensively graphical elements from futurism-retro style, which like itself appeared in the 70’s as an emanation of the futuristic ideas. It is a remake of one arcade pinball game, which is only a 20th century variant of earlier table games, such as shuffleboard, billiards and bagatelle. They have all been here for centuries.

Coin-operated amusement games were created in the United States of America in 1930s. It was first named baffle ball, which was a light entertainment during the time of the great depression. Ten years later, flippers were added to the boards, and several decades after that electronic boards were introduced and enjoyed more artwork with themes from comic books, superheroes, TV shows and movies. In the 60s and 70s pinball machines could be found in funfairs, pubs, youth clubs and social clubs. When Pacman or Space Invaders descended on Earth through video games in the 80s it meant that pinball had had its day however, over the years these units have acquired a cult following. The latter is given an immortal life through this wonderful online version today.

Spinball Slot
Spinball Slot

How to play Spinball slots

To start, choose a bet for every spin ranging between one and a hundred. Press the spin button found at the bottom middle of the screen to take your shot. This is done by means of letting go of the ball in a way that imitates the original spring-loaded release on pinball machines. The ball will then accumulate wins based on what it bounces against while travelling and bouncing around on the board.

How to win at Spinball slot

You are more likely to hit a win if the ball stays in play for a long time. These wins keep accumulating till the ball falls through two flippers at the bottom. The sum of all these is then added up and it’s what makes your balance. Wins between x0.1 and x0.3 are accumulated depending on where the ball bounces off to. There are also some portions of board that give out 2-5 free spins, while the maximum possible win on one spin is 1,400.

Spinball bonus features & free spins

The game is not so full of bonus features. Actually, there is just one which is free spins feature. This happens when the ball goes up the tunnel to the top right of the board and it can win you as many as five free spins. The more times the ball goes through this tunnel, the more chances you have of winning some extra spins. If lucky, you will earn a minimum of two free games rising gradually to three, four or five such games if it does not go back. You could also try searching for top slot bonuses as alternative to this game if you need more bonuses in your gaming experience.

Max-win 1,440x
Volatility Low
Top RTP 96

Spinball tips, tricks, cheats and strategy

This game, as opposed to the real pinball, demands no skill whatsoever. Hence there is no way you can cheat your way to getting a better win and make sure you always end up being victorious. But instead it lets different wagering options to select from, which start at just one per spin and go as high as 100. By betting less, your play time will be longer and cash loss will be minimized later on. Playing in demo mode that entails free rounds of play enables players to enjoy for as long as they want without losing any money unlike other low-risk strategies.

Spinball demo play / free play

Free play of Spinball can be had right here at Slots Temple, where we like to give players the chance to try out games for nothing. If that sounds appealing then free play is a fantastic way to see if it’s the kind of thing you want to do and play without taking any risks. We have much more than just Spinball; in reality, we have countless titles including Pinball Wizard free slot which has a similar topic. (75 words)

Spinball slot on mobile – Android, iPhones and tablets

This game has been made to be played on many devices, from small mobile phone and tablet screens to the larger ones of laptops, Macs and PCs. This game runs on both iOS and Android; as such it can be played on virtually any mobile device.

Spinball review & rating

Spinball, though not a slot game by definition, has a similar rhythm, RTP and wagering system that slot games often have, thus making it easy to understand. Players also place bets on every spin and can be rewarded with free games. A ball is launched at the start of each game and it bounces from one flipper to another in order to remain in play as well as hitting various bumpers, tunnels and targets as it travels around the board. The several targets make up wins which are pooled for each game – the more the ball remains in play, the higher the win.

This game is perfect for those who have a penchant for classic arcade pinball games and others who would like to deviate from the traditional fruity slot games which have been dominating this market for long. Although there are few slot bonuses or extra features, the crisp graphics, sharp sounds and nostalgic feel of the game make it worthy of a try. The game is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari among other major browsers and can be played on any device you prefer. Elsewhere there is also an option to play Slots Temple online without making any payments. Being one of the latest releases by Tom Horn Gaming that has already received multiple awards, it became very popular in no time simply because it was something different from what we used to see in online casinos.

Disclaimer: Spinball is a trademark and licensed by Tom Horn Gaming. This website has not been approved by Tom Horn Gaming.

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