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The Stars Matching game from CQ9 Gaming cannot be easily defined. Part slot machines, part Bejeweled or Candy Crush, the game has 3 tiers of play starting with a 4×4 grid, a 5×5 and then finally 6×6. It also has special symbols and a free spins bonus scatter along the way.

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Game theme

We have played so many CQ9 Gaming Online Slots, and most of them don’t make sense but they are almost always awesome to play. These games also usually have different features for the player to unlock. Stars Matching might sound like a game about horoscopes and love, but it is all about star matching.

This game is hard to call a slot because it looks more like Bejewelled however with no interaction with the game at all apart from initiating every new drop of colored stars. But when you think about it as a Cluster Pays mechanic and Avalanche Reels, then it starts to make some sense.

Graphics & Soundtrack

Stars Matching is a game where colored blocks fall from above; the falling action of the colored blocks are what the player watches. Whether each block has a star on it or not does not really matter, but this star theme helps in creating symbolic meaning in the Moon, Sun and Star symbols that rotate with every new stage.

When it comes to the background graphics, they look like a vintage handheld game console. It is quite old-fashioned, but still suits the whole theme of the game well enough. But if you talk about Level 1 soundtrack alone, it’s another thing altogether. The words that come to mind instantly are repetitive and jarring but it does improve somewhat as you advance in the game. Yet if you cannot wait for this, then there is mute button hiding away in the top left corner of your screen within menu item.

Stars Matching Slot
Stars Matching Slot

How to Play Stars Matching

In the game of Stars Matching, the only thing you need to think about is bet amount. We tested it and when we did, bets could be placed at levels of x10 to x20,000 but focused on Asian currencies. If we know CQ9, all players will have a convenient place for their stakes.

Then you are faced with two alternatives. There is always a choice to play the games manually by pressing Spin button in each game; however, the game is played through three levels and not less than fifteen spins attached to every level. Therefore, you’d better use Autoplay feature instead of playing it yourself over and over again till your hands hurt.

We have two Autoplay options, Auto 1 and Auto 2. The first one runs at standard speed, while the second one spins at turbo speed for those who like to play fast. However, both buttons will play out the same game – in fact you can freely switch between them if you want to. Moreover you can break off Autoplay and continue spinning manually without losing your level in the game. One more thing to mention is that you are allowed to adjust your bet throughout the gameplay, but remember that it won’t apply to previous rounds!

You can still keep playing from the start to the end of levels you are in but, be aware that quiting will make you immediately lose your current position. If you decide to reload a game then just consider starting over again.

How to win at Stars Matching

As soon as you initiate the game’s first level, a 4×4 table will appear requiring you to match clusters of four or more stars of similar colour. The groups can be done in rows and/or columns but not slants. Prizes are given depending on the combination of symbols’ number and color.

Every level has its own symbol. They are the moon, the sun, and a star that is colored like a rainbow respectively. Throughout Level 1, each time the reel lands on a moon symbol one shield from the right side of the reels is uncovered. The game advances to Level 2 only when all fifteen shields reveal their hidden things.

There’s an enlargement of the grid in Level 2 after taking away the shields on its right side so it becomes a 5×5 matrix. To win an award, you will have to spin off groups of five or more similar stars. A blazing sun is your Special Symbol for this stage. And when we collect 15 of them, the left shields will be removed and player move to level three.

A six by six format is the maximum expansion of the grid for Level 3. The Special Symbol for this round is a rainbow star and each one takes away a shield from the bottom of the game. Once all shields have been removed, the game returns to Level 1 again.

Stars Matching Free Spins

In case an unoccupied sign falls on a reel, the player receives ten free spins. Thus, any win in the bonus round can be multiplied by a random number ranging from 1 to 5 times.

RTP & Volatility

It is unfortunate that the RTP and volatility numbers are not yet available for Stars Matching, but we will provide this information as soon as possible.

Our Verdict

Stars Matching is undoubtedly a highly entertaining game. However, this comes as no surprise given the immense popularity of Candy Crush and other similar games. Nevertheless, it must be noted that one of the reasons why these types of games are very appealing is because they are interactive, which is not the case for most online slots games.

Stars Matching needs to include more than one currency as part of its standard betting options; otherwise it’s hard for us to guess what they are. This game would hardly be ever chosen in an online casino, because of absence of RTP and volatility information. Just play it here instead without any charge!

Disclaimer: The trademark / license of CQ9 Gaming is Stars Matching. This website is not affiliated with CQ9 Gaming.


What do the Special Symbols do in Stars Matching?

In every game level, one shield may be eliminated from the wall by a Special Symbol with different features.

Is there a free spins bonus round in Stars Matching?

The Free Spin Scatter may be landed at any point during Stars Matching in any stage. It gives 10 Free Spins as a non-re-triggerable feature.

Is it necessary for me to play all three levels of Stars Matching?

No, you can end the game at any time.

Is it possible to be awarded for leveling up in Stars Matching?

No, the sole dower for swapping heights in this game is a different sized game grid.

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