The Armory ™ – Review, Bonuses, Free Spins, Free Play in Demo Mode

The Armory is a game from Arcadem slots. It has one reel, no paylines and an RTP of 96% with low volatility. The inspiration for the theme comes from weapons and there are special features like the Bulk Buy option.

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The Armory Review Introduction 

The Armory contains a collection that may be used as collateral by Jack in exchange for money. In a game where everything goes to the winner, compete against the owner to see who can get more money out of the reel. This is a great opportunity to tackle someone with an owner that offers you 3500 times your total bet. What’s more, The Armory doesn’t have free spin features or any bonuses at all. The Bulk Buy feature on the other hand is somewhat like a bonus feature but it won’t make much difference in gameplay. Do you want to know how this slot works?

The Armory ™ - Free Play in Demo Mode

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Overall Theme 

The theme of Armory is weapons and you will go inside an underground bunker with loaded arms. When spinning, thirty such weapons will line up on reels to help a player earn the highest amount possible. It has spectacular graphics and a video game like feeling similar to those one would obtain from mainstream consoles. While the reels are in motion, Jack appears at the middle of the screen only to celebrate his win or curse when others get greater money than he did for himself. There exists another slot game that shares close resemblance with this one called El Paso Gunfight.

The Armory
The Armory

The Armory RTP and Variance

The RTP is right at the 96% industry mark as per game rules. At 47%, the player and Jack, the computer, have expected paybacks which are fantastic if you want to play for real money. This has low variance, so in most rounds, you will outdo Jack and walk away with some prize money.

How to Play The Armory

If you are planning to play this game, then it would be wise for you to read on below and learn how to play because the Armory is not like typical slot games.

  1. Set your bets by clicking on the bet button. This displays a menu for all of the bets available in the game. Your total bet is displayed next to this. 
  2. Click one of the Bulk Buy values and then press the red button to make the reels spin that many times. 
  3. The lightning bolt makes the reel spin faster, shortening the time between spins. 
  4. Click the paytable button to view the payout amounts available in the slot. 
  5. The hamburger menu is located in the top right corner where you can view the rules and settings for the game. 
  6. The speaker button sits next to this, where you can toggle the sounds in the slot. 

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The Armory has a small betting range, which is likely due to it being a low-variance slot machine. You can spin it for as little as a single coin. However, the highest stake that you can place on it stands at ten coins.

The Armory has thirty symbols, each having its own set of values as regards the amount of money that they pay. In your cash pot, you earn the symbol’s value every time you have it for a landed on reel. The person with the highest total at the end of this spin wins this cash pot. There are different class listings that will tell you what sort of prize will come from the symbols. The following list shows all payouts for these symbols.

Desert Eagle Fundamental, Gatling Gun Fundamental, Survival Knife Fundamental, AR15 Basic – 0.02 coins. (20 words)

Cameo Desert Eagle, and Gatling Gun – 0.04 coins.

Survival Knife Cameo, AR15 Cameo – 0.06 coins

Throwing Axe Basic, AK47 Basic – 0.08 coins

Shotgun Basic, Bow & Arrows Basic – 0.10 coins

Cameo AK47, Throwing Axe Cameo, Desert Eagle Gold – 0.20 coins.

Shotgun Cameo, Bow & Arrows Cameo, Glock Basic – 0.25 US dollars

A chrome Gatling gun, a rainbow survival knife and gold AR15 for 0.30 coins.

Throwing Axe Rainbow, AK47 Gold – 0.40 coins

Shotgun Gold, Bow & Arrows Medieval – 0.50 coins

Throwing Knife Basic – 1 coin

Glock Cameo – 2.5 coins 

Throwing Knife Cameo – 5 coins

Glock Gold – 10 coins

Throwing Knife Rainbow – 100 coins


The Armory Bonus Features

Bulk Buy 

When you decide to purchase the bulk spins, you can play up to 1000 automatic spins. At the conclusion of the Bulk Buy round, whoever has collected the highest winning amount will be declared the winner. Additionally, they get to collect any accrued prize fund from their enemy.

Should there be a tie, the player and the computer would both get their prize money back.

Our Verdict 

Your traditional slots are given a different spin at The Armory, which is welcome since the same old reels can be quite monotonous. Although the prizes are low, it is has a good math model and is an interesting game to play. Nevertheless, this lack of bonus features may let some players down but we think that including these will complicate the game too much and spoil it. This slot is definitely worth giving a spin.

This site is not endorsed by Arcadem. But it’s worth noting that the trademarks, including The Armory, are owned by Arcadem.


What is the maximum amount of money that I can make out of Armory?

This means that in one spin, you have a chance of winning up to 300 times your bet and the jackpot prize is 3,500 times your Bulk Buy stake.

Are there any bonus features in this game?

No; thanks to the idiosyncratic properties of the game, the developer chose not to include any special features.

How can I learn to play this slot?

Play it on our site free of charge before you do so because it is not like the usual slot games. Although this might sound complex, you will get the hang of it in no time.

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