Wheely Wheely Big Win ™ – Review, Bonuses, Free Spins, Free Play in Demo Mode

Slingo Originals’ Wheely Wheely Big Win online game is built on roulette. In addition, the game can be configured to give a 94.2 – 95.94% return to the player; therefore, each spin will make it possible for players to find their perfect game in this genre. Are you after higher winning amounts? Or do you prefer smaller but more often winnings? No matter what you choose, this title will have something for everyone. Let’s give it a spin then!

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Wheely Wheely Big Win RTP (Payout) & Volatility

Most Slingo games do not offer a generous Return to Player or RTP, but they are not slots therefore they may have different rules. This is why we usually insist on players searching for web slots whose RTP ratio emanates from 95% and above, however we tend to be easier on Slingo. They are treated as slots machines which are far much different mechanically from most of the other games featured in our list

Wheely Wheely Big Win has a fluctuating RTP which can range from 94.2% to 95.94%, an impressive percentage considering the Slingo production. Furthermore, this game’s RTP also varies with volatility that is ideal for almost every player because you can manipulate options and form your desired game setting.

High rollers flock to higher-volatility games for the really big wins. But this is unlikely going to keep them glued on this game for long since chances of winning a cash prize decline as the amounts you chase increase. However, high-risk players might be looking forward to just play it quickly at maximum wager since with a top stake of 100.00 it’s just an amazing fun game to pay.

By adjusting game settings, low-stakes/low-risk gamers can increase their likelihood of winning money. However, this might mean getting reduced amounts on offer for that game. Nonetheless, it is still as exciting as a win on the reels!

How to Play Wheely Wheely Big Win Slots

Once Wheely Wheely Big Win loads, you immediately realize it is like no other game on our site. This one brings us two wheels inside the other, which are displayed along with the prize money of the current round in between them.

First of all, you should determine the amount of money you wish to bet on each spin of the two wheels; fortunately, there are many options to choose from. The cheapest bet is 0.50 while the highest possible wager is 100.00 which implies that anyone can play this game and try their luck.

The two wheels that should be adjusted which also changes the stake as shown in the center of the wheels. One wheel has a red part and another one black. It is possible to alter how much red or black appears by either wheel, using arrow buttons, and keep an eye on how the prize money changes as you do so. The more red or black you expose, the better your odds of spinning a win become; hence, the prize value decreases. However, just expose very little red or black means you might not win a jackpot sum; therefore the prize pot increases.

Wheely Wheely Big Win Slot
Wheely Wheely Big Win Slot

How To Win at Wheely Wheely Big Win Slot

This is a dotted line that is linked together by 2 white arrows and located at the very top of the wheels at the 12 o’clock position. When a red or black part of the wheel touches down on them after spinning they illuminate with these two arrows.

At the apex of the wheel, spinning the colors red and black awards you with the money displayed at its middle. If underneath the dotted line neither is red nor black, then a player loses his stakes and another game can start. However, if while one color is at the dotted line another one has not yet reached there, it’s now time for a player to decide which color he would like to go for.

Instead of a Spin button there are three buttons. Now, you have the possibility to choose Bet Again and spin both reels at exactly the same bet as before. Or else, you could start a completely New Game in which you can regulate your bet size and also determine the amount of black and red displayed. But there’s another choice too. If you so want, just keep your winning colour on and turn only the other wheel for the price indicated on Spin button below it. The cost per spin goes up every time, so one has to be careful not to lose track of what he started with.Suddenly there is no Spin button; instead three buttons pop up at that place where it usually is located. Instead of spinning one reel by itself while awaiting outcomes from the other reel like normal bets would be done, this game permits players to gamble again using former stake on both wheels simultaneously or start new games with various wagers adjusting white/black displays . Nonetheless, there is an alternative: keeping one’s color that has just won something constant as well as rotating the second disk with only specified charge written above “Spin” knob. Surprisingly, each increase in bets each time requires much care since it becomes difficult to compute total wagering factors per unit round since it keeps on increasing after each play from session beginning till end.Can-be-winning-color-stay-where-it-is-for-free-and-charge-only-the-second-disk-a-little-bit-more-to-make-it-spin.Ignore-Spin-button.-Three-buttons-replace-it.It-is-something-unusual-to-happen-in-most-casino-games-like-this-one.The-first-choice-can-be-bet-again-in-which-you-will-play-the-next-round-by-placing-the-same-bet-on-two-wheels.However-you-may-begin-a-new-game-with-your-current-bets-that-you-may-also-change-in-addition-black-and-red-displays.Besides-there-is-another-option-which-is-to-maintain-the-winning-color-of-a-spun-disk-and-turn-only-the-second-one-for-price-indicated-on-spin-button.It’s-important-to-note-that-cost-per-spin-increases-every-time.-Hence-it-is-crucial-to-be-very-careful-not-to-lose-track-of-your-initial-bankroll.

Wheely Wheely Big Win Demo Play / Free Play

Wheely Wheely Big Win is easy to understand and play but it’s a game that can easily make one lose themselves in the rush. Before you realize, you’ve bet more amounts on chasing almost winning than you could win the cash prize offered! Thus, it’s quite important for you to try out as many new games as possible in free play mode before proceeding with real money wagers because of that reason.

Try other Slingo games free on our site and play them for as long as you want. And, if you love spinning the wheels just like I do spinning the reels, then some of our top slot games that make good use of this theme include Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin.

Wheely Wheely Big Win Bonus Features & Free Spins

No bonus features or free spins are available in Wheely Wheely Big Win because this is not that type of a game. Just like other Slingo titles in our portfolio, it is a simple, fun game that has grown on its own.

Max-win 100,000x
Volatility Medium
Top RTP 96

Wheely Wheely Big Win Tips

We like Slingo games a lot, due to their uniqueness and how they reinvent classic online casino games. However, one should try playing them in demo version as much as possible before starting real bets. It is very important to have an experience of buying additional spins because according to our knowledge about it, it’s the quickest method of emptying your account but that depends on individuals.

Wheely Wheely Big Win Slot On Mobile

We tested Wheely Wheely Big Win on notebooks and mobile phones, but we got the same great experience using both devices.

Wheely Wheely Big Win Review & Rating

We were deceived to think Wheely Wheely Big Win was an easy game but it’s not the case because it is as interesting as other Slingo games! If you are fond of changing game parameters to match your preferences, this may catch your eye. After setting our winning values too low, we found out that the slots could be quite profitable!

Wheely Wheely Big Win FAQs

Can I play Wheely Wheely Big Win slot for free?

Play Wheely Wheely Big Win game on this site for free. All our games are moneyless; they don’t need any form of deposits, registration or filling of any forms; just pick the game you want to play and start playing it instantly without paying anything.

Does Wheely Wheely Big Win have free spins?

This is not that kind of game with free spins bonus, like Wheely Wheely Big Win. You can take a ride and you will be able to see that!

Can I win real money playing Wheely Wheely Big Win?

The money you will get from playing Wheely Wheely Big Win cannot be saved as it is not real. To win real cash prizes, you must play the game at an online casino. Slingo games are available on some of the best slots casinos but not all of them have wheely wheely big win.

Can I download Wheely Wheely Big Win slot?

Wheely Wheely Big Win is not required to be downloaded as it can be played on a browser.

Is Wheely Wheely Big Win slot available on mobile?

Play Wheely Wheely Big Win can be enjoyed on any device that is connectable, including mobiles and tablets.


Wheely Wheely Big Win is a game that Slingo Originals both owns the trademark and has the license of. It should be known that this site is not approved by Slingo Originals.

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