Wild Wild Cashout ™ – Review, Bonuses, Free Spins, Free Play in Demo Mode

Skywind Group’s Wild Wild Cashout is an online slot game that has a return to player percentage of 96.50% and it is a single reel slot with a classic theme. It does not have any bonuses and is a high volatility game.

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Are you willing to continue spinning or will the urge to withdraw become overwhelming before the jackpot grows? Will this skull end your spinning session and reset cashpot at zero or does your bravery pay off with a fat win on the Skywind Group’s captivating slot?

Wild Wild Cashout ™ - Free Play in Demo Mode

Dive into the world of Wild Wild Cashout ™ and enjoy our exclusive Free Play in Demo mode. You can try this exciting slot without spending money to see how it works, explore its paylines, features and bonus rounds at no risk. Find your strategy in Demo mode, comprehend game mechanics and define a winning betting system for your future play. Unlock the excitement without spending a dime as you engage in Free Play, immersing yourself in the entertaining universe of Wild Wild Cashout ™.Discover the game's unique mechanics, visualize potential winning combinations, and master your gameplay strategy—all in a no-risk environment. Try your luck in Demo mode today and prepare for an exhilarating gaming experience when you're ready to make a splash with real wagers.

Wild Wild Cashout Theme and Storyline

The name of the game suggests a Wild West theme like The Magnificent 7 slot and many others. This theme is palpable in various aspects including the ram’s skull, the sheriff’s badge used I the design and also ,there are some hints about other western things in this game. It seems like there are several themes here too. The reels give an impression that you are playing a slot within a slot because they are framed by a cabinet of an old-fashioned slots game. Retro stylings are present although these neon colors contradict completely with wild west theme . However, if it was not for such confusion within its theme, you would have noticed how well the controls of this slot were made to resemble those of land-based cabinets games.

Wild Wild Cashout
Wild Wild Cashout

Wild Wild Cashout RTP and Variance

Skywind free slot demos has an attractive RTP of 96.50 per cent for this particular selection. This is higher than the average 96% most online slots have. Skywind itself advertises this rate on its website as part of introducing a game to the public. However, this information was not clear in the in-game information, which reveals that depending on user strategy , average RTP ranges from 92 percent and 96.5 percent. Make what you want out of it, but know these details before you play a high-variance game like this, at least they will be useful to you somehow.

How to Play Wild Wild Cashout

These handy tips and tricks will help you to start playing free slot games.

  1. The aim of the game is to land prize icons and lucrative multipliers in the centre of the reel and build up your cashpot. You then have the choice to cash out or spin on, but beware of the skull, which will reset your cash pot if it lands.
  2. Before you start enjoying the game, use the forward and backward arrows on the splash screen to scroll through information about some of the features and prizes in the game.
  3. Press the play tab to enter the main game.
  4. Press the spin tab or swipe the reels to behind the game.
  5. Click on the coin tab and scroll through the options to choose your betting amount.
  6. Use the three-bar button to open the main menu. This is where you will find the paytable, the help section and the sound settings.
  7. The game can be played in portrait and landscape mode, depending on the device you choose and your own personal preferences.
  8. Keep an eye on the balance box to keep track of your playing tally and to ensure you never bet more than you can really afford. This is especially important if you choose to play for real money.
  9. You can only change your betting amount when your cashpot is at zero.
  10. When you want to collect your winnings, press the Cash Out button and the amount will go into your balance box and the cashpot will be set back at zero.
  11. The maximum win in the game is 10,000x your coin bet. If the cashpot reaches this, it will cash out automatically. You will get the top prize and the cashpot will reset.

Wild Wild Cashout Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

If you come across symbols that win prizes, they will increase the cashpot. This cashpot is boosted by the multipliers and it is therefore important to cash out before the skull resets it to zero. An immediate victory awaits you if you get The Cash Out sheriff’s star; in addition, this item will pay your money pot directly. The symbol only tops up the cashpot if it lands squarely in the reels’ middle. Occasionally, only a blank comes up, which means that cashpot remains unchanged again too.

The stake you make each time could range from 0.01 to 300 dollars while the symbols are a package of lucrative cash which equals the numerical value of these icons multiplied by your bet amount. Their values are:

Blue gem 20

Pink gem

Gold bar stack 5

Gold bar pair 1

Max-win 1,000x
Volatility High
Top RTP 96.50%

Wild Wild Cashout Bonus Features

Landing cashpot multipliers in the middle of the reel will double, triple, quintuple, or multiply your bet by ten or fifty. Another way to win it is by landing on Cash Out symbol and being awarded directly with it.

This is no ordinary modern slot, though, and you won’t find the free spins, wilds, and scatters that are usually sought in an online slot.

Wild Wild Cashout Review

This game, for originality, merits full points but it will be up to you to say whether you are okay with the one-symbol format. Repetitiveness characterized the whole idea and lack of stimulation in our view despite that Cash Out dilemma can be interesting if a person is courageous enough to let the cashpot build up highly. You could win good prizes but that’s it since single reel display and rules which are kind of mixed up do not make a game that stands out from others in any way.

Disclaimer: This is the property of Skywind, Wild Wild Cashout ®. Not recommended by Skywind Limited.


Do the reels on Wild Wild Cashout slot game offer any free spins?

The slot does not have any free spins. Moreover, it is better to avoid this game if you are interested in traditional features like wilds, scatters and bonus games as a part of it.

What is the RTP of the Wild Wild Cashout slot?

The game has an RTP between 92% (below average) and 96.5% (above average). The developers of this online slot say that you will get what you put in ‘user strategy’. This means that the more stakes you make, the more likely it is for you to enjoy a better payout.

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